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I'm wondering if having customers register to use the site has any negative connotations. Would a site seem more friendly and easier to navigate if customers did not have to register first? I ask this because I am trying to give my store every edge I can to make it more user friendly. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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Guest qdpie.com

I guess it would depend on how much you want to keep track of who buys what. Without registration, there is really no way to hold that info. There are mods out there that will allow you to do this. I myself like having that info.

Of course I find myself annoyed when I have to register before I can get to a point, to see what the total cost would be including shipping etc. It might be nice to have registration start after the final order page, if they aren't already registered. Sometimes it's nice to just shop somewhere, without having to register.

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I personally was against a customer checking out without registering. However after noticing that most the people who buy from my mod store use Express Checkout i'm all for it. About 25% of the people who purchase mods through my mod store actually register.

I'm still able to keep track on the customers info and they still recieve e-mail updates pertaining to their order.

I think if anything being able to checkout without registering adds to the shopping experience. I take it other store owners feel the same way as the Express Checkout is one of my best selling mods.

Ultimately I found that giving users the option worked best.

Edit: These numbers are from a poll I had running on my site a while back.

When asked "How do you feel about registiring to checkout?"

42% said "Bothers me to a certain degree"

33% said "Doesn't bother me"

26% said "Really bothers me"

+/- 2% Total votes: 43

Now these aren't scientific numbers but they convinced me to add the Express Checkout option to my main site.

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Guest zodiac73


What is the current recommended solution for doing this on the current version as I'm getting traffic but I'm convinced the need to register is putting people off, but that mod mentioned above sounds interesting.

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Yes - in V4, the customer does not need to register. The checkout sequence is much better.

There are various mods for V3 (some free, some commercial), which will do roughly the same kind of thing.

If you have space on your hosting, I'd recommend downloading V4 and using the 14 day evaluation key to test.


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