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  1. Hi Dave, I'm not sure what you're asking.. Do you mean you want to advertise other sites (your other websites) on your cubecart store? If you, you can add these to side boxes, or on the homepage of your CubeCart Store. You can also link to your cubecart store in your forum signature (ie when you post here, you'll have a link to your store). Links to non-cubecart sites are prohibited, and you may get flagged as a spammer so please keep any links to your cubecart store only. For your own site - CubeCart is only the software, you can do what you like (within the licensing rules).
  2. There is a 3rd party mod, visit cubecartforums.org and search for; UK/EU/AU Taxation This will solve your problem. Jason
  3. I can't help too much with xampp - running Linux here with Apache. I found the following link that may help; http://support.open-realty.org/showthread.php?24689-installing-ioncube-on-Xampp. and/or; http://www.smoothblog.co.uk/2011/05/07/install-ioncube-xampp/ I can't easily install xampp, but yell back if the above doesn't help. Jason
  4. Dear Vivaigiochi, It looks like you mis-understand the use of this forum. This forum is for peer-to-peer support only. No-one (even moderators) are paid. Any help given is voluntary, and the forum is luckly to have keen members who try to help. Please remember this and be courteous to other members. Devilion Staff (CubeCart developers) do not regularly read or post in this forum. If you have upgraded an existing store, you should have tested CC5 first. This is standard IT practice. As server admin, you will be aware of why this is important. With an evaluation on a different s
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