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Data Pump (Import/Update/Export)

CubeCart Bot

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Working great.

Import/export issues with 'PIPE' delimiter but works well with 'the COMMA'.

Has to remove the ProductCode from the export to use the same file for the import.

Like the IMAGE and UPDATE feature.

Useful, support answers questions!

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To the developer(s): the support e-mail does not work[email protected] 

I have a question I'd like to ask via an e-mail, kind of urgent. Due to non-working support e-mail, I'll drop the question here in hope someone can help out:

I was following the recipe for manual installation and the quick way with token, same result-the setup page will not open from the admin page in cc, general error 5000. 

I’m setting up this locally for now, localhost. And in a hurry since we’re planning to go live during the weekend with a major upgrade from cc v3 to cc v6. 

Please give me a hint how to proceed! 

Anyone, please help!


I've also tried to open the webpage g7cart.com, but cannot access due to security issues (which isn't really a good sign...)

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