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How does one attach an attachment to a message in this forum?


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I reported a minor issue to a plug-in developer via a message.  He would like to see a picture of the problem.

There is a button below the message edit box that entices the author to "insert other media".  However, "Upload" is not an option. Unlike the fora, there is no "Drag files here to attach, or choose files" option.

How does one attach a new attachment to a message?

---- Breaking   wind   news ---

Naturally, having posted the above (after half an hour of [fm]ucking about ) I immediately found a work-around.

  • Open a posting to a forum.  
  • Drag or choose a file.  
  • It appears under "Your attachments" in the list of user-related stuff in the drop-down beside your username.
  • Discard the posting to the forum.  It has already done its job without being saved.
  • In the message, choose "Insert other media - Insert existing attachment".

But adding the "Drag files or choose" capability to the message editor would save a lot of hacking about.

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