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Looking to hire developer to mod cubecart 4

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I have a busy and successful ecommerce store based on CubeCart 4. Why haven't I upgraded? Inertia, and an worry about marketing collateral damage that changing the software (mostly changing end product URLs) could create. Plus the store is live and busy. I once upgraded an oscommerce site across major versions and despite trying rel=canonical and other supposed google things, url structures changed and search engine rankings were lost. It cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Don't want to repeat that mistake. 

Things keep sort of breaking. I don't know why. Recently GD seems to have stopped and so all the spambot image verifier things just stopped working. It wasn't even attached to a regular php update so idk. I've had to go through the code making manual edits to keep things functional. (I got into this industry as a programmer but I'm a little rusty since moving into a more managerial role and I've never been an expert on Cubecart, plus I'm short on time to do it myself). Of course the software is so old now I have to hold off on php updates lest it break. 

It is currently 4.3.7. I am looking for an absolute expert to help me with this site. The feature I most want to add is a proper receipt page at the end of checkout. I need this for better tracking of my marketing results, and also I think it gives the customer a better experience. Then perhaps doing changes around the edges to fix all the deprecated php functions still in use. 

But you can't break the site, and you can't do anything that will change the URLs of product pages. 



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