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Cubecart - offline order updates


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I am working on a shipping module, and I want to generate a shipping label (I've got an API for that) whenever the order is paid. I intend to use the order status or the payment status for this. The thing is, I have several payment methods on the website:

  • A payment gateway, where payment are received instantly. In this case, we are still in a user flow, and I intend to have the soft generating the label as payment is received. I haven't yet worked everything out, but not a problem
  • Bank transfer, where the user would make an order, which would stay pending until the bank transfer is effectively received. The idea here, is that whenever we receive the money, the website's admin would go to the back-office, mark the payment as received, and I'd like this to trigger the generation of the shipping label automatically. But we are not in a user flow at all here. So my question is: is there any way to have a shipping module (or any other module) being triggered upon a back-office action? Is that something Cubecart allows at all?

Thanks for any hint! Best regards,


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