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cable modem????

What speed are you talking 728/128??

or better put download speed of 728KBS Upload Speed of 128KBS

If you are going to run any big type of insternet server you need at least 1.5MBS Down 1.5MBS up ( T1 )

Or like me 45MBS Up 45MBS Down ( DS3 )

Not trying to upset you in anyway i just like to inform people that run servers on cable / dsl the UP speed is just not there and if you alot of people on your site with a up of 128kbs affter 100 people at the sametime on your site you will get a D.O.S. on your server.. ( Now thats a server with P4 and 512 meg ram )

And a stand alone server ( not a pc that you use for anything other the hosting websites )


Sorry if this sounds rude but I am just trying to inform you or anyone that wish to host a website on there system


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Ahh well anyways just in case anyone ealse needed the info there it is in very basic from ( VERY BASIC )

And good luck with your file server its nice to see people helpping out in cubecart and other places

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