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IPN implementation in Cubecart


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This topic is a sort of continuation of the below:

But although the payment gateway I am implementing is offering an IPN capability (to remotely update Cubecart's database of orders, e.g. in the case the customer closes the window or looses connection before the payment confirmation page is displayed), I never managed to implement it successfully.

From what I read in the code, I am understanding that:

- the right URL to call is $storeURL . "/index.php?_g=remote" - I am guessing that from what I see in cubecart.class.php from line 258 onwards, but I might be mistaken

- if that URL is successfully called, the instructions to decode the IPN shall either be in the function call() or process() of the file gateway.class.php of the payment gateway module - I am guessing that from what I see in cubecart.class.php from line 285 onwards, but again I might be mistaken

Am I getting any of the above wrong? If so, appreciate if anyone could comment. Or if anyone could point me to any payment gateway which successfully implemented IPN, that would be very helpful!

Best regards,


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Got the answer on this one. IPN is triggered by triggering the call function, and this happens by redirecting to 


Where you would of course replace yourstoreurl and yourmodulefoldername by the correct values.

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