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Paypal Commerce Platform 1.6.0 Issue


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I tried to install the extension Paypal Commerce Platform 1.6.0. However, the shopping cart does not give the option for payment after the extension installation. 

According to https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/orders/v2/ the intent needs to be passed:




The intent to either capture payment immediately or authorize a payment for an order after order creation.

The possible values are:

  • CAPTURE. The merchant intends to capture payment immediately after the customer makes a payment.
  • AUTHORIZE. The merchant intends to authorize a payment and place funds on hold after the customer makes a payment. Authorized payments are best captured within three days of authorization but are available to capture for up to 29 days. After the three-day honor period, the original authorized payment expires and you must re-authorize the payment. You must make a separate request to capture payments on demand. This intent is not supported when you have more than one `purchase_unit` within your order.

Any advice will be appreciated. 


YanTech LLC

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