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SPAM the story continues....


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I know that a lot of the Cubecart users are experiencing a lot mail through the Contact form wich contains spam...

Most of the spam now being sent to our shop contains a phone number (wich is required) in our form that starts without the preceding "0" .... That's normal in the Netherlands...
99% percent or the phonenumbers the spammers are 'using' start with an "8"



PiBoolough <[email protected]> wrote to Administratie: --------------- www.noclegiiaugustow.online noclegi w Augustowie

Telefoon: 84267555894 ---------------  This email is sent from the store's master email address but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the reply button on your email software

Unfortanatly I'm not smart enough to create a filter in the contact form that sends those mails (Without preceding 0 of starts with an 8 ) to /dev/null....


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