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Paypal Commerce installed but missing "Pay By Card" at checkout

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Having overcome some Paypal Commerce coding issues that prevented my website from loading, I now have missing info at checkout. Hopefully this Extension URL from the plugin works to display what the page should look like

https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/paypal-commerce#fndtn-description  (That link is from the extension demo - not my website)

Basically I can get to this page at the checkout but my issue is that I'm missing the "Pay by Card" bit? I tried changing my custom foundation skin to normal but it's still missing the "Pay by Card"

In summary, I get as far as the pay with paypal yellow button but no "pay by card" option displayed.

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Release Note 1.2.0 - Added setting to enable/disable card payment

This may or may not be my issue but then again the screen shots provided do not show a card payment enable/disable function. The only other thing may be i'm running an older version of cubecart [ 6.2.6 ]

The only documentation provided is the release notes and the above release note is the only indication that there may be a way to turn card payments on and off .... but nothing stands out regarding how to do this?





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