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cubecart 3 admin backup


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brooky, I remember in your feature list mentioning the backup will be removed from admin as a backup feature exists in phpmyadmin.

Please dont do this, as

1) the convenience of a backup through cubecart admin is a godsend

2) recent versions of phpmyadmin have trouble exporting anything above a few hundred K of backup

3) something else I have forgotten for now!

security wise, you could just append the data/time to the filename. you could also add a reminder of the time since the last backup as an extra feature...

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Dear Brooky

I agree with sculptex. Please have a db backup in 3. By all means improve it's security, if you think it necessary, but this has been such a good (and unique for carts) feature.


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what about the backup function in cpanel; not good enough?

Just a question........

No, Not convenient enough!

I think having something along the lines of the admin login log, showing the last backup and reminding after X days or whatever would be COOL.

Like osk says, the hard work is done in the v2 backup.

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Guest billmc

Hi all,

I also have to agree that the backup should be an the admin as a function.

I personally don't have access to cpanel on about 30 domains and I could not trust my customers to do the backup via phpMySQL or MySQLadmin

my two bits worth


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Guest Charles2005

I would also like to see the backup remain in C3!!

I would like the see the ability to restore a backup make from CubeCart in the admin area!! Sorry if this has already been brought up!! Just my 2 cents.

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I can kind of understand if brooky doesn't want to put a restore feature in admin as misuse of it could seriously mess things up!

Basically, if you have to resort to doing a restore for whatever reason, you are not going to mind going into phpmyadmin or whatever, you are just gonna be relieved that the backup exists!

ps. Sorry if I started this thread in the wrong forum!

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