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help needed - site design

Guest jsamedia

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Guest jsamedia

hi, im not any good with any coding but am just trying to get through with setting up a shop myself..

so far i have produced the following


i want to know

1) how do i change the font colors where it says login and register

2) how do i change the font colors where it says About us/contact us etc along the bottom

3) how do i change settings so that i dont keep getting logged out of admin every 2minutes!

4) a general overview on editing and re-configuring templates

5) any other tips that would make this shop better

many thanks jonny

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The text colors you are referring to are in style.css. If you need some help with your skin or help to make it extra elaborate please email me i will help you best i can i have skinned several cc3's at this point getting people ready to switch when its final. Just email or pm me with any questions.

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