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Adding an image in viewprod.tpl

Guest bassyard

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Guest bassyard

Does anyone have an idea what relative link I have to use for an image inside viewprod.tpl ? I used a static link for now but I don't want to change all the links if I move it from my testserver to the real server...

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relative = images/image.jpg

static = $ttp://www.mydomain.com/images/image.jpg

If you are using a test server, even on your home pc, you can always use relative links as long as you set up your test server like the real store.

I have set up my directory the same as my real store and can transfer files back and forth between the two without changing anything.

Another way of using this is to add "$site_url" in front of each link you create i.e.:

<img src=\"$site_url/images/image.jpg\">

$site_url is the url you set up in the settings section of your admin panel.

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Guest twisted

The relative link would simply be images/uploads/imagename.jpg, [or images/general, or images/logos, whereever you have the image] as viewProd.tpl would be called to the storefront, and the images directory, relative to that, is simply images/, then the subdirectory

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