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yes, another template question

Guest ju99ie

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Guest ju99ie

ok, so i installed this bad boy and so far it kicks osc's ass. but anyhow. i was reading the forums trying to get some tips on how to customize. i changed the classic template that was already up there and its looking pretty snazzy but not quite what i want. i saw someone mention using templates from templatemonster. i have a template im quite fond of, but im not sure how to implement it and nothing i found helped me out. i too, have never dealt with .tpl files, i know you treat them as reg html files but i guess im just use to the structure of oscommerce. so im not really sure where i need to add things, and where to take em off. any pointers would be much appreciated. thanks

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Guest Lunnmh

the main files you want to alter are:

skins\(Template Name)\styleTemplates\global\index.tpl

skins\Template Name)\styleSheets\layout.css & style.css

I have a good understanding on how it works, just new myself.

My first site with adding cc3 is

www.tauren.co.uk/Shop Very small shop but all i need it for. It was kinda my first test before i use it for larger sites.

It is very good and by far the best cart system i have used and the fact its in XHTML and CSS makes it the king of cart systems in my eyes. CSS is the way forward compared to tables.

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