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Question about the rounded corners in Skin 3

Guest thechad

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Guest thechad

How are you achieving it? Specifically the bottom ones, I figure you must have another div down the bottom in the templates?

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There seems to be allot of confusion over this div thing.

The div is a tag denoting a division.

If you were just to shove lots of spaces into your web page + then upload it it would be a mess because there is nothing to hold anything in place, to tell the various parts of the page that they have to stay in a given location on that page.

Keeping things simple the answer is to use some kind of table, or to put it another way, to split the page up + tell the various parts of that page where they should go, be displayed at, etc..

This is where div tags come into play. - Div tags are also used, in html, to define the alignment of blocks of text (eg: <div align=justify> with </div> at the end of the paragraph/page would give you justified text).

The following links may be of some help to those who are having problems:




Remember that taking things apart, tracing things back to where they're referenced, + playing with the source of things can often yield answers or provide a solution if you are stuck. - Developing a better understanding here can often be far more insightful than any number of tutorials :D

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