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Looking for some "tricky" features?

Guest ice5

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Guest ice5

Hi there;

I'm currently looking for a cart that will meet the following requirements:

1 - "Grouping" or "Conditional sales" for lack of a better term. i.e. I have the following products / prices

Bag - $14.99

Umbrella - $9.99

However, if you purchase the Umbrella for $9.99 I'd like to offer the bag to you for $4.99

2 - Multi-pak's


I sell deoderant for $1.99 each, but you can get 3 for $4.99

3 - Buy one, get one free

I sell deoderant for $1.99 each. But if you buy two, it's still just $1.99. Buy three and it's $3.98, buy 4 and it's $3.98

Any help is appreciated with this, and if CC can't do it, does anyone know of a package that could (including commercial offerings)?


- Cam

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I do this sort of thing with options in my stores...

For example, I do the item as normal with price each

Then I have a drop down option (using standard CC options) like...

Single Piece

Set of 2 - $price

Set of 4 - $price


(your could do something similar such as:

Buy One

Buy Two + One Free $price


With X Item - $price

Works very well.

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Guest ice5

Can you do this with options?

Item - Eyeliner

It's available in 6 different colours. But each colour has a different catalog number.

I can easily add the colour options, but how do I give them different catalog numbers, or can I?

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