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Editing home page in Admin brings Parse Error


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Isn't cube cart just the best ever? Had to say something about it as it's the best shopping cart system in this universe :mellow: (sorry shameful plug over)

Right :wacko: I've just installed the all new Version 3 - no problems at all, very smooth and very quick install :errm:

However, I am just playing so it's not for real, as to move the database and everything else is going to take time, but I wanted it up so we could see the difference and just familiarise ourselves with it.

When I edit the Home Page Text or mainly the title, It tells me I need to change permissions on the home.inc.php file - fair enough, a quick ftp log on and it's sorted - however I typed for the title: Beirn's Bundles ( not the real name of the shop) lol - this then brought about a parse error in line 9 of the home.inc.php file - odd I thought :lol: however upon opening the file in a php editor, I saw what was causing the problem, the ' in beirn's - take the ' out and hey presto all working :) so Beirns Bundles works but stick the ' in Beirn's and it doesn't.

Not sure if this is a bug or not? I guess it is maybe - but you can't have apostraphies (sp) ;) in the Title.

This is such a superb piece of software, and I just wanted to say a little something about what I've found, I have been through the 17 pages of topics and I've not found anything similar - so here we go :)

Many Billions of thanks for Cube Cart :) It's fantastic :) Hopefully we'll be using the new version soon :) And soon enough we'll be sending some wedge you way :) Although I still see no problem having the © Cube Cart or Powered By Cube Cart, as I know many people by seeing that at the bottom benefiting as a result, and hopefully providing the benefits to the Cube Cart folks :)

Many Thanks



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