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How to edit the Information Template

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I'm trying to add the Site Docs links that are now at the bottom of the cart to the Information Box on the left side of the store.

But I can't figure out how to make them visible. I've edited INFO.TPL as shown below but nothing is showing up. Or am I in the wrong place?

Anyone, please?

(<!-- BEGIN: info -->

<div class="boxTitleLeft">{LANG_INFO_TITLE}</div>

<div class="boxContentLeft">

<span class="txtCopy">

<strong>{LANG_INFO_PRODUCTS}</strong> {DATA_NO_PRODUCTS}<br />


<strong>{LANG_INFO_PRICES}</strong> {DATA_CURRENCY}<br />

<strong>{SITE_DOCS}</strong> {DATA_SITEDOCS}<br />



<!-- END: info -->)

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Guest PIZZY2


yes, i am after including this as well.

What is the path to this file so i can add this info as well.

Much appreciated.

I ended up just adding another category and item with no stock,

just so i could get a documents link in the category box instead.

I would much rather do it your way.


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There are those here who will jump all over me for not doing it "the right way." But since none of them offered any help at the time, (let's not go there).

I used Front Page. (yes, I said that dirty word. no shame at all.)

See the site I'm working on (stalled while the clicnt is getting more materials for posting) at www.wendycostastudio.com/store/

As I recall I opened the template for the info box and replaced its code with straight html hyperlinks. The links that were there were not relevant so I removed them and replaced them with those that are. The new pages themselves I created in Site Docs - which I will assume you already know how to do. I used the FP list function to add the bullets.

At first I added underline decoration to the text, consistent with the usual standard but since that isn't used elsewhere in CC (so much for consistency among the purist police) I went back and removed it.

Strange thing. Underlining disapeared in MS /IE but persists to this day in Firefox.

Also, I can't figure out what font or spacing is used in the other boxes so I can make the font and line spacing in my version of Info box an exact match with the others. But it's close enough for government work.

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