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Firefox screws up my skin

Guest rukiman

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Guest rukiman

Hi All,

I am in the process of redesigning my skin you can view it at http://www.intimatewear.com.au

In internet explorer 6 it is as I want (thats because this has been my test browser). I tried Firefox and even though most of the page was intact the layout was broken. Anyone has any ideas? I have run my html and css files through the W3C validators.

Also if anyone has other browsers can you let me know if there is a problem with those too?


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In firefox if you have multiple sub categories they are overlayed on each other.

The easy fix for this is to make you category photos in 100 x 100 then all works fine in firefox.

Only problem I have found on firefix recently.

I am using a skinned version of the legend set to 100% width

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Firefox seems to mess my site up too - I have very basic knoweledge of CSS so dont tend to do mith other than modify whats there. however tables in the templates on firefox seem to be doing weird things...

any ideas or comments?


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Guest fuchsiashock

Theres no easy answer, but getting into design, you have to learn how to code properly for cross browsers. Personally when designing, I always find IE the headache because with proper css and xhtml it is IE that is the rubbish browser and doesnt do things properly!

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Guest OvErDoSe

The reason why your sites messes up in firefox is: IE lets you think your site is OK. Actually it is not...

The site's messes up because of the width and padding values of the css boxes...

Example: When your box width is 160px and your left + right padding is 10. 160+10+10 makes 180 right? Thats what Firefox does, and thats why your site is messed. IE cuts off the padding from the box width so everything displays like you want...

The solution: As for the example above set your box width to 140. Then you will get a nice 160px width box in Firefox. But now the site is screwed in IE.

This is where we get the TAN HACK. You can read all about it on this website: CLICK HERE

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