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Guest swamp

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Guest swamp

Hi I'm a new member here and very new to web site admin, I have a very simple site, the purpose of which is to offer downloads of my original music on MP3 for a small fee.

I am trialing interxstream as a host and they seem ok so far, but I had the same problems with unsucessful installation attempts of version 3 as were mentioned by other members elsewhere in these forums.

I can't imagine these problems being insurmountable, however I'm quickly learning that I don't have the know how to do it.

Can someone please tell me what I should do and if what I want to do with cubecart is feasible.


Swamp ;)

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Guest Ian MacMillan

Can't help with the install, as you didn't bring up any specific errors or troubles, but CC3 would be perfect for your MP3s. It offers digital downloads and options to go with it.

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