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why can't open the admin page


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Hi everyone,

I installed CC3.0.1, it's normal beginning..but when I entered the admin section, and changed something, an error occured, i.e. was dead and shut down. so I type www.serivista.com/admin (it's my domain name) again, but I find I can't open the page. i.e. appears HTTP 404 Not Found

what's wrong?

so, who can give me an answer about this problem?


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did u install in your root directory of server

note pls post in right forums this is regarding v3 and u posted in v2 forum

thank you, I changed the topic to CC3 forum already. And yes, I put the whole site into the sever under www root...it's normal in beginning, but as the error occured, I can't open admin page since...what should I do?

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