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CubeCart V3 in Templates. Using the Macro's ?

Guest cr1275

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Guest cr1275

I'm new to cubecart and it seems to have allot of features...

The question is how do you fit it into templates that you already have ???

A few mentions I have found about using CubeCart with existing templates are:

1. A post about Template Monster which was then declared spam and no more posts were made about it.

2. An article in the knowledge base that explains briefly how to "Change the look of your Site". (The most informative so far that I have found. But, still requires allot of work just trying to figure out what TPL, CSS, or Image does what, and the Macro functions).

I am guessing but not sure that integrating CubeCart into an existing template has to do with the Macro's and not with using the existing TPL and CSS files ??? Or integrating the CubeCart CSS files with the CSS file of your template and using the Macro's to do the work in your store ???

I have a template that sort of fits what I would like in the shopping/lifestyle section of the site I am working on. But, I need to fit CubeCart into the template and not make the cart overide the look of the page.

I'm hoping to add things like Pizza/Restaurant Delivery in the local area, Movie theatre schedules, , and other things that people could really use too without having it look like just a site store. The store is secondary to the content.

Does anyone have some kind of reference into the Macro's or how to fit a CubeCart v3 into an existing template without having to go through every file and find out what each one does to fit it into a template ???

TIA :)

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