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Wanted :honest & serious feedback.

Guest mthomassen

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Guest mthomassen

Hello everyone,

Before to go on with my endless struggle, I would like to ask all of you to give me honest & serious feedback about the look of my store.

I know how to design & produce my products, but marketing & web-design is something else for me.

The product " Single Door " is also accessible.

One question : If you open categorie " mouldings ', you will see the sub-categorie, but this OVERLAPS the categorie-name.

Can anyone help me out with that ?

Here is the Store :Exclusive Door and Window Surrounds looking like ancient stone.

Txs Marcel. :)

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Guest fuchsiashock


design nice and clean

Not sure about the horizontal boxes at the bottom of the header - makes it look like there should be a menu there but its not working.

I would put the a link to CONTACT US in a more prominent, important place

Theres no point having the currency dropdown if there is only one option. Better to just state the fixed currency or remove the box altogether as it just adds to the bloat without reason. Maybe just put the paypal logos just in the column but not in a box

Front page content text is too small in Firefox on default text size with that font I cant read it.

Loose the link to WWW.DESIGN-DAVELUY.COM at the bottom. You dont need to display or link to a site you are already on!

Make sure button colours including mouseover colours go with the colour scheme of your site

In firefox, on the cart page the Welcome Guest [Login | Register] has problems

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Guest mthomassen

Thank you guys !

It is ALL the work from people like you on the forum, myself I know NOTHING about php and css......the forum is GREAT.

Firefox : To be honest, I did not even know what firefox was before this topic :o

I realise now, that the cart is as life.....full with compromises ....

On the stats of my server it shows that firefox was only used 0.8% by my visitors until now, but still..a customer is a customer....

Thanks everyone ! :mellow:

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Guest vrakas

You are welcome mthomassen :o

I dont realy know anymore "do we live to learn or do we learn to live?" :mellow:

I am sure you will get it sorted out ;)

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Guest fuchsiashock

Its an awkward issue but with the coming new standards of css and xhtml, IE is actually currently the browser NOT to consider as it doesnt follow the rules. For such things Firefox is actually the accurate one!

In some web surveys, Firefox accounted for up to 1/3 of browsers used.

And also firefox is similar to mozilla and netscape.

I only use FF but always test that IE can handle designs

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