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  2. Apostrophes in contact form - page source

    What needs to to be is for the source to be unambiguous about quotes and apostrophes. Note the value of the content is enclosed in quotes. Thus, any value for that having quotes itself would prematurely close the string. Such as: content="We have the "very best" stuff!" There are two ways to "somewhat" overcome this dilemma: use apostrophes when enclosed in quotes or use quotes when enclosed in apostrophes, and 'escaping' the quote or apostrophe (\"). Each method is used where appropriate. A third way is to change the problem characters to its 'HTML Entity'. In almost all cases, the browser will show the entity as its associated character. I have found that the browser title might away with having a quote or apostrophe as this value is enclosed in <title> tags, not actual quotes. Still, CubeCart converts the admin entered string to use the entity (makes it easy to database the value as well) and the browser will show the associated character in the title. (That wasn't always the case - reference Internet Explorer 6.) So, the question then becomes, will whatever that is out on the Internet that slurps your site's meta data know what to do with the entity? We must expect that it does. I think what got fixed may have been putting the actual characters in the content value and thus causing truncated results with what got truncated to be visible.
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  4. I thought this was fixed in CC or did I miss something? When I look at my page source I find this: NOTE: Store Name Claudia’s Bargains - showing in page source as Claudia&#39;s Bargains HOMEPAGE <meta name="description" content="Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles - We search yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, auctions and attics to find items you didn&#39;t know you were looking for"> CONTACT PAGE <meta name="description" content="Claudia&#39;s Bargains Collectibles and More Shop. We search yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, auctions and attics to find items you didn&#39;t know you were looking for. Toss in some brand new items and some handcrafted creations and the mix is complete!"> Claudia
  5. [Resolved] CSRF and Admin Logout

    That was it. THANKS!!
  6. [Resolved] CSRF and Admin Logout

    Yes there is a token on the logout link to make sure it is you logging yourself out.
  7. Since upgrading to 6.1.10 I cannot logout of admin without setting off the CSRF issue. In fact, it's not just a notice. It will not let me log out at all. I have to just close the tab via browser. I can stop this behavior by commenting out the new line a the bottom of admin/ Since nobody else has mentioned this, it has to be something I've messed up somewhere else. Nothing in the error logs is helpful. Is there somewhere else in the new code that is related to that line that maybe I failed to upgrade?
  8. All in one shipping

    Have a look at the Subtotal-based rates setting is there a tick in there also?
  9. Tutorial on how to use product options ??

    I can't help with sets i'm afraid.
  10. Last week
  11. All in one shipping

    No joy. The box was ticked and when I changed the tax option to inherit it just deducts the tax from the shipping charge
  12. All in one shipping

    On the All In One Shippings General tab make sure the tax included box has a tick in it. If it is already ticked post back. Also check the Tax Type setting above that. I have mine set to Inherit.
  13. All in one shipping

    Hi guys I recently updated the shipping plugin and the free shipping isn't working properly. When a costumer was buying over 50 euros its set to give them free shipping. Whats happening now is that its basing it on the totals excluding the VAT so the customers aren't receiving the free shipping. Is there a way to set it to read the totals including the Vat so that this doesn't happen?
  14. require phone number

    Hi Christopher, Wondering how you achieved this — phone number not being required? Is it to do with the skin you're using and, if so, could you please let me know what skin you have? Thanks in advance, Will
  15. Tutorial on how to use product options ??

    I got this part working. And for the most part it works great. However, can you explain Option Sets? What exactly is an Option set vs. Option Group? I want to be able to assign all the same options to multiple products. When I go to "products" I see there is an "assign option sets".... but I have only created a group apparently?
  16. Zurb Announces Foundation for Sites 6.2

    There's no upgrade path so its pretty major work.
  17. Is there any plan to use a newer Foundation version in CC 6.1? Not really understanding what is involved, does this mean only the skin changes, or does it mean major changes - like the changes from v4 to v5 to v6 were?
  18. Paypal payments not being received

    I find express troublesome in the respect that PayPal can overwrite the order details. EG, customer purchases using his personal account, but wants his goods delivering to his work address. PayPal over writes the order with his home delivery address, and you send the goods to the wrong place. I'd ditch express in favour of the standard gateway if it were me.
  19. E-mail on order

    Thanx this is exectly what i need. regards
  20. E-mail on order

    There is this:
  21. E-mail on order

    It seems to work well today. Maybe there was a problem with my server yesterday. Another question is it also possible to get a message if someone just registers ? I Yesterday had a person that only registert on my site id like to know that y mail Regards
  22. Accessing Sale Items From ACP

    To me, the ACP is the admin control panel. There is no method by which to suppress inventory that have a sale price from being administered. How would you then ever be able to edit it's description, for example? On the storefront, however, by administratively switching off "sale mode", that will cancel any and all discounts. Also, in admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Number of sale items to display", setting this to zero will suppress the Sale Items sidebox. This will not, however, remove the "Sale Items" navigation link in the menu. To remove the nav link, an edit to the skin will be required.
  23. Accessing Sale Items From ACP

    I want to know how to remove or hide "SALE ITEMS"?
  24. Replicate Site to Local Machine

    Thanks again. Regards
  25. Replicate Site to Local Machine

    In admin, Store Settings, Offline tab, set "Take store offline?" to No.
  26. Replicate Site to Local Machine

    Awesome, thanks. that works partially. Now the redirection is going to my local site but instead of the home page I'm receiving the "Store is currently offline." message Regards
  27. Replicate Site to Local Machine

    Welcome Fractal! Glad to see you made it to the forum. Your local development environment may be using "localhost" or (recommended) If your environment also includes your own dedicated DNS resolver in your firewall, that may help when you create a specific subdomain, such as When having copied the files to your local machine, you should delete everything in the /cache/ folder except the .htaccess file. There may be files in here that contain complete URLs to the site they were copied from. Then, in /includes/, add statements to force an override over the store's address. See:
  28. Hi I´m trying to replicate my site on a local machine for testing purposes but when I try to open the Public_html I'm been redirected to the production site. How can I accomplish this? I'm using as reference this link Thanks in advance.
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