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  2. bsmither

    Can't get Incremental Order Numbers to work

    Is your test site using the production database that the production site uses? You are saying there are non-standard-format order numbers in the 'custom_oid' column of CubeCart_order_summary? So, would you also say there are standard-format order numbers in the 'cart_order_id' column?
  3. Yesterday
  4. First of all, I have used successfully my heavily edited old Sequential Order Number Mod for years. As I created my edited 6.2.1 upgrade test site I took all the mod code out. I deleted the config line in the tables that belonged to the Sequential Order mod. The current database is using the existing modded order numbers as the custom_oid. The last custom_oid is 2016-PC-3265 on this test site. There are 2032 orders in the Store Overview. I have not been able to figure out any settings for the Incremental Number Format that creates 2016-PC-3266 as the next order number. I do have the %Y-PC part working properly. I've tested several attempts by decoding the database config, deleting the values that deal with the custom numbers and then encoding. This gives me a chance to try different settings and Preview again.Frankly I've tried so many different things that I'm too confused and need help. My last attempt: next order number should be 3266 there are 2032 orders before creating another one difference is 1047, so I used that as the Increment Increase Preview correctly shows 2018-PC-3266 as next order number, so I saved the store setting and cleared cache Then I created a new test order New order number is 3843!
  5. CoffeeGuy59

    Product Info Tab

    Thanks again for all your help! I will give it a go... Regards, Jim
  6. bsmither

    Product Info Tab

    In the template main.php: Find: <div class="row {$SECTION_NAME}_wrapper"> Note that the $SECTION_NAME value is "home" when showing the HomePage. We can use this. In box.featured.php: Where there was: {if $featured} Use: {if $SECTION_NAME eq "home"} Be sure to put back the {/if} at the end.
  7. CoffeeGuy59

    Product Info Tab

    As a follow on (sorry) - I tried it manually and it works great! Still have some cosmetic tweaking to do but much happier! ( I am fairly comfortable with coding) - I only want the text box to show on the "homepage." How do I exclude form other "pages." Sorry - should have thought of it earlier....thnx Jim
  8. CoffeeGuy59

    Product Info Tab

    Bsmither...thanks again....Regards, Jim
  9. bsmither

    Product Info Tab

    There's the manual way and there is the plugin way. I suggest the plugin way. Please see the Extensions Store. The manual way is to change the contents of the skin template box.featured.php. Remove the leading {if $featured} and last {/if}, keep the <div> and </div>, and replace all else with what you want to say.
  10. CoffeeGuy59

    Product Info Tab

    BSmither - thanks!....Next "bigger" question. I have removed all products from the featured item list as I don't need it, but is it possible to add a text "box" along the right side? https://oldetownecoffeeroastery.com/ Please see my mock up attached...I know there must be a way just not sure the best approach...or which file(s) to edit...thnx! regards, Jim
  11. I am upgrading current v. 6.1.13 to v. 6.2.1, but unfortunately it stops at 80%. I need help to complete this important upgrade.
  12. keat

    Export / Import

    In all fairness you could still export the data without making a backup, i'm just being over cautious. I'd be interested to understand why you can't copy the database though.
  13. keat

    sales stats in dashboard

    I believe I may have done this before, but only on one site. Thanks again.
  14. Last week
  15. The orange error is gone. I clicked the index button next to the custom_oid. This is what I have now. Is there anything I need to do?
  16. " The question then becomes, from where did CubeCart get information that the column "custom_oid" is expected to have a UNIQUE KEY. " I think this was something I did awhile back, before the upgrade, trying to fix the orange error message. What should I do? I'll delete the custom_oid_2 right now.
  17. "custom_oid" has a regular KEY and that's good. At some time, a second occurance of adding a KEY index happened, creating "custom_oid_2". Maybe running the setup script a second time? Anyway, you may delete the "custom_oid_2" index. Lines 806-808 are correct for CC621. The question then becomes, from where did CubeCart get information that the column "custom_oid" is expected to have a UNIQUE KEY.
  18. Here is my lines 806 - 808 'email' => 'KEY', 'order_date' => 'KEY', 'custom_oid' => 'KEY' I was looking at the structure of my order_summary in the database and I think, I don't really remember, when this first came up I tried to fix this according to the previous post, but I think I put it back to how it was. Should I do something with this? Here's what thee line looks like:
  19. bsmither

    Product Info Tab

    In admin, Languages, click the edit icon for the language your store is using. On the next page, from the drop-down selector, choose Catalogue. A few seconds later, a list will appear. Scroll to the phrase key 'product_info'. Click once just immediately to the left of the text entry box and the box will become editable. Change the phrase to what is desired and Save.
  20. Provided that the digital file is publically accessible, in admin, Add/Edit Product, Digital tab, Custom File Path section, you may enter either a direct path to a folder on CubeCart's server, or a Full Web Address that points to anywhere on the Internet. If your AWS repository requires a login, that may pose an obstacle unless you know how to overcome it.
  21. robertbell

    Product Info Tab

    In the admin center, go to products, then edit a product. You can add text on the description tab.
  22. robertbell

    Google Webmasters error messages

    Disallow html? Your robots.txt may be a little too restrictive. You can test it in https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/robots-testing-tool.
  23. CoffeeGuy59

    Product Info Tab

    Hi folks, New CC user here...sorry if this is in the the wrong category or if it is obvious (and I missed it) Working to edit CC6 version of foundation skin - when I click on my products, it takes me to the product info/spec tabs. Where can I add text for the product info tab? I have text in both simple and descriptions text block for the product...I also want to change the tab Product info Title if you could advise on that as well..Thanks! I have included a screen grab and my URL...thanks in advance! Jim (CoffeeGuy) https://oldetownecoffeeroastery.com/barista-blend.html
  24. Hi guys I'm back again for support I have a problem in setting up my digital products for sale on my store. All my download folders are located on AWS so I setup a product and pricing it shows on my store but it says out of stock. Can I plz ask you guys how to setup my products in a correct way so the funnel runs smoothly from add to cart to the final download page which for my situation is located on a different server? Thank you in advance guys I am a total newbie
  25. i get the below message from google webmasters:- " New issue found: Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt " my robots txt is :- User-agent: * Allow: /*page=all Disallow: /*?page= Disallow: /*?seo_path= Disallow: /*html? Disallow: /*?set_currency
  26. According to CC621 /setup/db/upgrade/6.2.1.sql, there is: ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_order_summary` ADD KEY (`custom_oid`); Then, in CC621 (as compared to CC620), in admin /sources/maintenance.index.inc.php, line 808: 'custom_oid' => 'KEY' (was: 'custom_oid' => 'UNIQUE KEY') So, please verify that your admin file /sources/maintenance.index.inc.php, line 808 is correct.
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