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  2. ok yes I found in phpmyadmin cubecart_documents but afterwards for me it's too complicated, I'll stay with the shift or find another position to put this image
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  4. Please look again. The database table CubeCart_documents must exist. Note: the database table names could have a prefix, such as: userfab_CubeCart_documents where userfab_ could be anything.
  5. Please read this issue in the Github and determine if it applies to you: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2377
  6. I went to see with phpmyadmin and I did not find Cubecart_documents
  7. This is the HomePage document. It is stored in the database in CubeCart_documents table. Use an external utility (such as phpMyAdmin) to examine the 'doc_home'=1 record, and view the 'doc_content' contents. If the vertical-align:baseline; code is there, then CubeCart is still fetching query responses from the cache. When clearing CubeCart's, internal cache, the /cache/ folder should now have no files, especially not those that have .sql. in the filenames.
  8. Not wat i mean is that the cubecart editor changes the code you told me and the display does not change it's always off. on the other hand in the cubecart editor he is well aligned
  9. Hi All, I'm using the Mican skin and I want to use a promotional code, I have created the code and assigned it to a single product however when I select that product in the order I get the message 'sorry that code doesn't exist' Have I forgotten to set something up oe is there a trick to get this feature to work I hope somebody can point me in the right direction Best Regards Peterp
  10. The web address seems strange. The 0=null&1=1 needs to have a question mark in front of it. In admin, click PHP Info at the bottom of the Navigation pane. Then scroll to the table for "curl". Any interesting data here? This message is generated by CubeCart and is the result when the response from the cURL Request is empty (or otherwise 'false-like'). Did you find these errors listed in the Request Log? There probably wasn't anything shown for the "Response Received" section?
  11. Are you saying that making the edit is not possible for you? You have no access to the file that needs editing? Or you have no computer program that you can use to load the file into and make changes? Or the editor will not allow you to make the changes as shown above? Or, you are making the edit, but the changed file is not what is being sent out of the web server and received by the web browser? (Some people realized they were changing files on the wrong web site.)
  12. yes i know that we must clear the cache, i even disabled in the administrator. But i can not apply your answer. that's why i say i'm really bad.
  13. After making the edit to the template, you may need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache.
  14. Hello, so I must be very bad but I have all tested and I can not. to do what you tell me.
  15. Hello, I installed the Paypal plugin. PayPal Standard Payment Gateway. I tested the connection with Paypal using the Testendpoint. There was an error. Request Sent (cURL) - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr 0=null&1=1 Error: cURL Error (0): cURL is installed but may be disabled by the host. cURL exec returns false. I verified with the administrator of the server for cURL there was no problem from our part. Is there a bug with the last version CubeCart ou with the Paypal plugin ? Is there a solution to solve the problem? Thanks for your answers.
  16. Hi, How do I upload bulk product images with bulk product information upload (I have 2 files, one is product images file and one is products information in CSV format).
  17. Hi, How do I upload bulk product images with bulk product information upload (I have 2 files, one is product images file and one is products information in CSV format).
  18. I cleared the cache from admin and also deleted the files from cPanel. When I unchecked available for purchase and use stock level from the product page in admin it worked. It is no longer showing in the category page. Thanks Brian
  19. I see in your code that there is {$product.available}, so if the edit does not work, either: * CubeCart's internal cache was not cleared and a cached unedited template was used, or * The parameter {$product.available} must be true-ish even though it is out of stock (can be made true-ish by overridding with an admin setting, or by a logged-in admin viewing the page).
  20. That didn't work. Here is my code: {/if} <div id="ccScroll"> <ul class="small-block-grid-1 medium-block-grid-3 large-block-grid-3 product_list" data-equalizer> {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} <li> <form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post" class="panel add_to_basket"> <div class="product_grid_view"> <div data-equalizer-watch> <div class="text-center"> <a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}"><img class="th" src="{$product.thumbnail}" alt="{$product.name}"></a> </div> <h6 class="pad-top"><a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name|truncate:65:"&hellip;"}</a></h6> </div> <div class="medium darkred">Product Code:&nbsp;{$product.product_code}</div> <div class="pad-bottom bold"> {if $product.available and $product.ctrl_stock} {if $product.ctrl_sale}<span class="old_price">{$product.price}</span> <span class="sale_price">{$product.sale_price}</span> {else} {$product.price} {/if} {else}&nbsp; {/if} </div> {if $product.available <= 0} <div class="row collapse marg-top"> <div class="small-12 columns"> <div> <a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}" class="button medium secondary radius left">More Info</a></div> <a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}" <input type="submit" class="button disabled medium radius right" disabled>See Listing </a> </div> </div>
  21. We need to know if your CubeCart code version gives the 'available' parameter for a product. If so, in the skin template content.category.php, find: {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} On a new blank line after that, add: {if $product.available le 0}{continue}{/if}
  22. Thank you again. I had removed the navigation bar, but I inadvertently also removed some of the code to show latest products so they were not showing. I undid my changes and brought the navigation bar back and added a category to assign the products to and chose to show them as latest and it now looks how I want it to look except I don't like the way the navigation bar looks but I will make sure to change the code to just remove the bar from showing, not extra logic. At some point I would like to follow the code where it chooses which category to show and completely remove the need to have categories but that is for the future. I am happy for now to have the products show. Thanks again!
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  24. I have modified my category page to show an item as sold when it sells. My category page is VERY modified. What I need is for the sold items to NOT show in their category page at all. I still want to keep them in the category just don't want them to show on the category page. Why? Well if someone clicks on the item in say Pinterest I still want them to go to that page because it shows my related products that they may decide to purchase. Store Settings: Global Sock Warning -1 Hide out of stock products checked. Thanks for any help.
  25. I down graded too CC625 just to see, and still had it. So not to sure what's going on as far as when it started. But then again, i didn't realize it until yesterday when starting to troubleshoot my issue that I'm having with new users not being able to register for a new account nor checkout. Only for new users, it all works fine with logged in users.
  26. I think this only happened with CC627/CC628. It's not on the CubeCart demo site, either.
  27. Try: The <p> tag: remove the style. The <img> tag, add to style: vertical-align: baseline;
  28. I do NOT have the characters on any of my sites.
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