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  1. Hi, we/re looking for someone who can assist us updating our site. We are looking for work on the backend (PHP)/templates, as well as design a new skin. The person should know product options and product tabs really well as those need to be customized. Please shoot me an email @ [email protected] so we can set up some time to discuss the project in more detail. Thanks Angel
  2. Has anyone heard from Daren lately. I was working with him on a project, and he dropped out of site. Thanks
  3. Nice Fix, Interesting, I can't seem to get it to work in 4.3, anyone get it to work there
  4. Wouldn't even kow if Ioncube is installed? I didn't see an option to choose between the two when install cc. Thx
  5. Great.., after waiting 2 days for the DNS to update on the hosting I just signed with, I get Zend Optimizer not installed when installing CC. Can someone recommend a hosting company that has everything needed to run CC. My current hosting company doesn't have PHP 5, so I need a "sandbox" to test CC. Thanks Angel
  6. Hello all. While I'm waiting for DNS to update so I can test out CC on a test site, I figured I'd ask some questions before I spend too much time configuring CC. I know orders can be placed without registering, but can the registration option be taken out altogether so customers don't even see it. I saw a great mod by Estelle that we would need (Text Input Fields for Products), does anyone using this mod know if once an item is placed in cart, there is an option to go back back and edit the the product options without it adding a second product to the cart. Lastly, I built our current cart using java/cgi/asp. We have excellent placement on google, (#1) for our category. I'd hate to mess up our rankings, so can the cart code be inserted into my current pages, for example the category of products menu. I'm using SSI includes now with ASP for the categories, and I see the cart is all PHP (don't know PHP but guess I will need to learn!). Thanks in advance! Angel
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