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    [Resolved] SSL & Cookie Domain Problem - Solved

    Resolved the issue, I raised a support ticket and I was informed the hosting company had installed LiteSpeed on the servers after removing Unixy Varnish. So all I had to do to resolve the issue was insert the following rewrite rule RewriteRule .* - [E=Cache-Control:no-cache] Then I logged back into the admin enabled SSL in the settings set the url to https://www.tigercyber8.co.uk and the cookie domain to .tigercyber8.co.uk then I saved the changes and logged out of the admin and navigated to the store front and I was able to place a product into the basket and view the basket page successfully no more 404's. Problem solved. Pete Likkle more
  2. Hi yesterday I installed a free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate on a clients CubeCart store at http://www.tigercyber8.co.uk/ Once I could see the certificate was installed I logged into tthe admin and enabled SSL under the SSL tab in the stores settings and save the change, when I placed a product (there is only one in the store) in the shopping basket and then tried to view the basket I got a 404 error I then checked the knowledge base and this forum for answers and found some information abotu the cookie domain setting, the store URL is www.tigercyber8.co.uk and I left the cookie domain as .tigercyber8.co.uk as per the example, but this did not work, so I changed the cookie domain to www.tigercyber8.co.uk cleared the cache in the store and my browser navigated back to the store and the problem still persisted. So if the ssl url is https://tigercyber8.co.uk and the cookie domain should be .tigercyber8.co.uk so when the ssl url is https://www.tigercyber8.co.uk should the cookie domain be www.tigercyber8.co.uk ? Al's example in the knowledge base is not clear and only covers a none www domain. If I access the site using www.tigercyber8.co.uk and place the product in the basket when I try to view the basket and I get a 404 if I remove the www. from the domain and refresh the page it loads fine, and works the opposite way too, also if I change the word basket in the URL for checkout the checkout page loads fine either way with www. in front of the domain or not. Last year after migrating to my present host after moving the stores over I noticed a similar issue and the problem was Unixy Varnish was enabled by default within cPanel, after disabling Unixy Varnish the problem was resolved, the hosting company have recently removed Unixy Varnish from cPanel and are supposed to be replacing it with the new version, but don't appear to have done so as yet. When I try to place a product in the basket and view the basket in Google Chrome I get a error page with a message informing me the page has redirected too many times, this is pretty much what I saw when Unixy Varnish was the problem. I am totally confused any help or advice will be much appreciated. Pete Likkle more