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  1. I need to upgrade from 5.2.8 to 5.2.10 but when I go to database backup the screen is blank and I don't know whether anything is happening or it isn't working. Also is this the best way to backup?
  2. Thank you for setting this up on my website www.bluebellgirls.co.uk it should prove useful.
  3. Am looking to upgrade my V4 shop and would like to retain the appearance of my existing skin www.bluebellgirls.co.uk for reference, can anybody help and give me an idea of cost? Please email [email protected] as I don't come on here very often. Thanks.
  4. I had a skin provider who I have tried to contact to make some changes but haven't been able to contact them. I think they have gone out of business. I now find that when I click on the link that says who the skin is designed by it brings up some rather unsavoury text. Can anyone help me remove the link (and if need be who designed it as they don't appear to still be around to contact). My website is www.bluebellgirls.co.uk
  5. Hi, can anyone help please. Is it possible to sell downloads on cubecart 4 and is it also possible to have a gallery where I can show products being demonstrated.
  6. I know I can delete them, but they are becoming a pain. Some people are making up reviews that have nothing relating to the products (mainly sex drugs and escort services offered by themselves!!). They all seem to come from the same countries. Does anyone know if it is possible to block people from making reviews of the products from overseas (most of my sales are from the UK) where the genuine product reviews are coming in. Kind regards Helen
  7. I have quite a few categories that I use sub-categories. the main category has no products as they are all divided amongst the sub-categories. However as a result the main category shows 'no items in this category' which can be very confusing for customers. Can someone please advise me how I can remove this comment. Thank you Helen www.bluebellgirls.co.uk
  8. I have heard from a couple of customers that when the items that are in the basket and they press checkout that the items disappear. I have paypal pro and when customers press the paypal button all is fine but not with the checkout button. Can someone help please, regards, Helen
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