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  1. I cannot seem to get the new password that Cubecart claims it sent. Checked all my folders. My arget email address works both with outlook and Webmail.
  2. I am having this same problem, and I am about to explore using the solutions provided here. My concern is about the comment about "must" upgrade. The last and only time I attempted an upgrade, my storefront got hosed, and I finally had to get my hosting facility to revert to a backup. My business is a small step above hobby level. I would like to purchase support for converting my site, but that would wipe out a year or two of revenues. Profit, if nay, is razor thin. Is it reasonable for me to consider upgrading on my own?
  3. @Toucan, many thanks. That worked. In Admin mode, I checked a few things at random, and everything seems OK. Now, back to debugging my new product releases, and to make some dough for V5 upgrade, beer money and toys! I would say that this forum support clinches my loyalty to the CubeCart product. I am looking forward to an upgrade to Pro someday - wish I could take advantage of the current promotion, but my business account is low at the moment.
  4. Thanks for all replies and offers of assistance. It turns out that during the migration, some automatic plugin was triggered and attempted to convert CubeCart to V5. The Hostmonster staff did not realize that my application had originated on a prior version. Once we figured that out, they restored the correct configuration from a backup, without the trigger. So, my site seems to be back online with the exception that past logins (including admin) are not working - authentication failures. I created a new registration and am able to login / logout, but not with past registrations. For the admin user, I requested a new password and it was sent, but login attempts still fail. even with the new password. Any advice? Once I get going again and get a good backup of the system, I will renew my efforts to migrate to a newer version of CubeCart (which starts with not spending my Paypal revenues until I accumulate enough new product sales to purchase the license.)
  5. I am using the free version of CubeCart on Hostmonster. It has been working well for years. Yesterday, they migrated my web site to a new server, and now the CubeCart installation is totally hosed. I cannot even access or sign in to the Admin portal. What are my options? Is it possible to obtain or purchase support from CubeCart to help fix the installation? I can see the database from the Hostmonster Admin panel, so my customer, product and sales data seems to be there. I wonder if it makes sense to just upgrade to a paid version of CubeCart and get help on restoring my business. So far, the compatibility team at Hostmonster has not been successful in restoring my CubeCart storefront.
  6. Thanks again for the quick and forthright answers! And I love the sense of humor! Little things like that help sell the product.
  7. Once again, thanks for your prompt reply. I have updated My Settings / Signature for future reference. Let me know when I am exceeding the bounds of this Forum or thread, but I have a couple of questions about upgrading: (1) Is it possible to create a parallel installation of CC5 with CC3 and then "cut over" when the new one is ready? I have full access to my web site, but as I mentioned before, my skills are weak in the web site administration area. (2) The features I want most in an upgraded version would be: - ability to apply Gift Certificates / Discount coupons - more detailed manipulation of database table records without having to resort to SQL - Sales reports, using typical metrics (by product, by category, by time period, by customer, etc.) - select by product to send email - batch update of download cutoff date, by product - ability to create a gratis order on behalf of a user I want to reward (or a "get it free coupon") - customer levels (e,g. VIP gets automatic discount) - ability to add custom Admin commands to the side panel (e.g. a custom SQL search if not available in the product) I know I can do all that stuff with SQL (as I do now), but I am not comfortable with that method.
  8. Thanks to all for the replies. I have a very small business, and limited knowledge of PHP programming, so I my confidence is weak in this area. I thought I had added the signature info, but must have made a mistake. I will redo this soon. I am also looking into upgrading to the "Pro" version from the free version, which I am using now. I am nervous about the transition because I don't have the skills to debug problems. I will probably purchase the upgrade/install service and hope that they will preserve the few changes that I did make, along with all existing data. I am wondering if they will also enable the Captcha as part of that upgrade ... I hope so. Thanks again for all the replies. (Still looking for how to update signature - so please don't think I have ignored this request. I did update the "About me" earlier, thinking this was what you meant. My version info is there. So far, I do not see the word "signature" on my profile page,) Edit: I found it. The signature is in My Settings, not Profile. That was my confusion. Moderator might want to consider clarifying this in the sticky post.
  9. The attacks against my site are increasing. I am using the unlicensed version of the store. Is there a script I can add that will prevent the growing number of bogus customers that are being created in my database? I am hoping to upgrade to a registered copy of the store software someday. I am a bit nervous about it because I do not have the skills to do the migration or resolve issues myself.
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