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  1. This works fine, I can log in using the password reset by admin. Does the 32 character password mean they joined when it was CC3?
  2. Done! And logged in successfully as guest
  3. Well this is rather annoying, maybe I'm making too much of it, but currently this makes me feel like looking for another shopping cart solution that may be more reliable. Even with notices or mass mailouts (which i don't like), I think some customers frustrated by not being able to login may well just go elsewhere to buy something.
  4. Ah, I knew about John Doe of course. I was confused because the customer with the problem is John E. Smith So are you saying this is just a strange hopefully one-off occurrence, and nothing I can do to stop it happening, or it is unlikely to happen to loads of customers.
  5. Not quite sure what you mean by the [email protected] I checked a couple of member with unsuccessful attempts: 4 unsuccessful = 8 character salt and 128 character password 2 unsuccessful = 8 character salt and 128 character password 2 unsuccessful followed by successful = 8 character salt and 128 character password At this stage, can anyone tell me if I should worry about this? ie are there likely to be a lot of customers unable to login for reasons other than they got the wrong password? Thanks
  6. Yes, I can see one that looks like they tried unsuccessfully 4 times
  7. Yrs, of course I was thinking it was in Cubecart. OK, I can see a lot of Ns, but most look like bots or spammers: eg Aeugnf, OceagoMeedo, Jbagsfdnalsf But there are also a few legit users denied access,
  8. I'm sure I have a test account of my own that i started back in v3, but have forgotten the password though presumably I can use the retrieve password form to find it. Where do I find CubeCart_access_log ?
  9. Ok, but at one stage after he contacted me I changed his password in the admin section and attempted to log in as him, and still got the error.
  10. Password wasmany more than 32 , seems to be 128 was 8 characters New password is 1 Status is 1 type is 1
  11. Thanks very much, but can you explain in phpmyadmin beginner's steps e.g. I don't know what report means. I solved the one customer issue by deleting the salt as advised by Dirty Butter, however it would be good to know that it won't happen again. And it would be good to do it without changing existing customers password
  12. Do you mean "particularly if you have a reason to think they would buy from you again" ? I think I have to assume anybody might buy from me again so this is a bit of a worry. I will check a few at random.
  13. Thanks guys, very useful. Also I found another way thanks toi Dirty Butter's reply to my other current question.
  14. Thanks, that worked a treat. (I think) At least I can now log in as him, just waiting to see if the customer can buy something
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