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Found 9 results

  1. It seems I am in need of a tweak that will disable a customer from being able to change their login email/password. Has anyone already done this?
  2. Hi again! I still do not have an answer to the problems which are related it seems: Customer can not login (receiving The following errors were detected: Invalid Username and/or Password) Customer does not get password retrieval information.....lines missing in email .... like this http://www.pacre.co.uk Kind regards, The PACRE ONLINE SHOPStaff http://www.pacre.co.uk/shop I must be losing customer's daily as I'm selling items on ebay every day but nothing on CubeCart where the same items are listed cheaper than on ebay!! Please help ! Thank you .... ps I have added cubecart ref: info on my signature
  3. Hello -- I am administering a cubecart 5.2.8 shopping cart. Two days ago, after making no changes to the site, the login features does not allow customers to login. After signing in with a valid username and password the site just returns to the login page. I have tried to register with a new account and the database receives the new customer information but redirects to the login page without setting the values of the customer. This seems to me to be a cookie issue but I do not know how to test it. I searched the forum and found another member with a similar issue but I'm not sure I understood the solution. Anyone have this happen recently in this version? Thank you for your help.
  4. Hi, i have been trying to customize a cubecart shop for a month now, can't say i am pretty into its logic yet, hopefully i can get some assistance from someone here. Version currently running is 5.2.5. fusion/vector store url is http://bettersport.gr/shop My main to do tasks are: 1. Customizing the checkout_confirmation page i need a login form like the one in the register/login page (and not with the pop-up). Having copied the exact code of the login form results to nothing, the login does not work, where as the popup form (i have commented it out) works like a charm. What am i missing here? I have been trying to implement the shipping method into the basket. My goal is to select and update automatically the shipping price. No method is selected by default (i used a ;break method suggested in another thread, and it worked, now i need for the cost to update when i select a method from the dropdown (without updating button that is), is that an AJAX thing, i am not into AJAX at all, so if you have a method to suggest i would appreciate it. Also i want to add a checkbox, that, when checked, will add an extra cost to the total and subtotal. I cannot make it work, most probably i ve got lost in the classes and db of this thing, so any assistance on this would be appreciated too. My third issue on this is the following, i am building for extra address fields in the registration page, which hopefully will be declared as the main address cubecart is going to use (thats billing address i guess) When logged it shows a selection of addresses if the customer wants to ship to a different address. I want this block to show ONLY when the addresses are more than one. Is that possible? 2. The other big issue i cannot seem to grasp the logic of cubecart, is how i define on which page the user goes when performing some things for example, a user registers, and goes to the account page, a user registers while in the checkout and returns to the checkout (For example) Where can i set these "redirects" or instructions to the cubecart engine? Thank you in advance, tell me if you need anything form me to provide, i am in the stage that i think i am ready to make a mess of my code, so any help will be sincerely appreciated (i ll send you a pair of shoes, to whoever helps ) Tassos
  5. I got an email from an existing registered customer saying: "Your order page will not accept my user name or pass word.I can`t place my order and I can`t register a new account.I just want to buy a CD." I reset the customer's password and tested this and true enough, when logging in to their account using the storede email address and password, I get this error: The following errors were detected: Invalid Username and/or Password This is a serious issue, can anyone help please?
  6. Hi My new site is up and running but a couple of buyers have complained that after logging in they do not stay logged in. Indeed within 10 minutes another login is required. Furthermore, the although the browser(s) IE, Firefox, and Chrome retain the email address they do not retain the password. I have checked this myself and it seems they are correct. I tried the same thisn with the Amazon.co.uk site and this does stay logged in for the day and retain the password in the browser when not logged in. Does anyone know of any adjustments that can make CubeCart's behaviour similar to Amazon? Thanks
  7. Customers are not able to login with their accounts after i have removed the ssl checks from the store. It doesnt show any error and redirects to the login page again if provided with the actual email and password. But it shows the error "Login Failed" if the wrong credentials are given. Help required! Thanks in advance!
  8. We have about 15 sites running cubecart 5 and about 6 running cubecart 4. CubeCart 4 could not except credit cards without installing php-mcrypt. We installed it and cubecart 4 starting working fine for excepting credit cards direct. We noticed immediately that we immediately could not log into any of the CubeCart V5 admin consoles and also we could not put items into the shopping cart. We un-installed php-mcrypt and CubeCart V4 stopped working and CubeCart 5 continues not to work. Example issues: If you type in username and password it flickers but doesn't say bad password even when you know it's bad. When you put an item into the cart it shows up in the left hand side showing something in the cart but when you go to the cart to check out it says there is nothing in the cart. Also even before this happened we found that CubeCart 5 could not put items into the cart using IE 10. This was a problem even before we installed php-mcrypt. All other applications are able to login without problems at all. We are running CentOS 6 with Parrallels Plesk Panel 11. Please if anyone can help us or give us insight. This is really hurting our clients. Also I do have a ticket open but I'm hoping you genius's out there can help us. https://shop.leavetheresttous.com/admin.php thanks Craig
  9. I just installed CubeCart-5.1.4 last night (after a lot of struggle with the session path, which I have fixed it) and today I tried to login like Admin and nothing happens, I mean nothing, no error message, no redirection, nothing. I tried on Firefox, Chrome and IE=nothing. The page is reloaded and that's all. I checked the database, is all ok, changed the password, deleted the salt=nothing. Deleted the cache=nothing. Tried to use an admin direct URL (admin.php?_g=orders)=nothing Deleted browser cache, deleted cookies=nothing No error log, I even deleted the sessions in the database, still can't login. It's a hosting issue ?(Godaddy hosting), it's a ioncube issue (which I installed), a PHP issue ? (PHP 5.2), What is happening? Any idea?, thanks
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