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Found 6 results

  1. It seems I am in need of a tweak that will disable a customer from being able to change their login email/password. Has anyone already done this?
  2. Hi again! I still do not have an answer to the problems which are related it seems: Customer can not login (receiving The following errors were detected: Invalid Username and/or Password) Customer does not get password retrieval information.....lines missing in email .... like this http://www.pacre.co.uk Kind regards, The PACRE ONLINE SHOPStaff http://www.pacre.co.uk/shop I must be losing customer's daily as I'm selling items on ebay every day but nothing on CubeCart where the same items are listed cheaper than on ebay!! Please help ! Thank you .... ps I have added cubecart ref: info on my signature
  3. So, I forgot my password for my test account and did a "Forgot password". I received the email from the store and clicked the link. It asks for my email address, a validation code (already inserted) and a New/Confirm password. I do all this and this is what has been returned each time I tried it. The following errors were detected: User login blocked. Please try again later Failed to update your password. Failed to update your password. Please check the email address and validation key are correct and verify the new password matches. Any Ideas?? This is a good way to lose customers, especially if they can't reregister with an email address already in use.
  4. Hi My new site is up and running but a couple of buyers have complained that after logging in they do not stay logged in. Indeed within 10 minutes another login is required. Furthermore, the although the browser(s) IE, Firefox, and Chrome retain the email address they do not retain the password. I have checked this myself and it seems they are correct. I tried the same thisn with the Amazon.co.uk site and this does stay logged in for the day and retain the password in the browser when not logged in. Does anyone know of any adjustments that can make CubeCart's behaviour similar to Amazon? Thanks
  5. I had a new CubeCart installed yesterday by you and the username and password I was assigned won't log me in. Can anybody help?
  6. Hello, I hope someone can help me with this, because I can't figure out why this happens. All of the sudden, when viewing the newest products in our front store, the shop asks for a password. If you click cancel you can simply continue browsing the website. But when you view another product the window pops up again. I don't want the customers to see this. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening? This is one of the products that asks for a password: http://www.triskelfantasy.com/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=5615 When I go to the same product in the admin, it again asks me for a password. So it's both on the front end of the store and in the admin. The weird part about this is that we didn't change any settings in the admin, or in any cubecart files. So we don't know where the problem comes from. Can someone help me with this? Kind Regards, Miriam
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