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Found 5 results

  1. RESOLVED RESOLVED "" SEE BOTTOM POST "" I reently had a customer contact me and let me know that when they tried to "register" on the website it gave an error as such: """ The following errors were detected: Please agree to the Terms & Conditions.""" I tried filling out my register form and submitting it- but I literay receivet that same tmessage. What could this be? I have had customers register during the purchasing process but not from the "Register" link alone. Thanks in advance RESOLVED RESOLVED "" SEE BOTTOM POST ""
  2. I am running cc525. Delivery address is the same as billing address - ticked box yes When a customer registers and crates a password. Their account info in admin/customerlist shows a delivery address and a billing address -as expected When a customer just enters their address without creating a password. Their account in the admin/ customer list shows the addresses have been duplicated i.e delivery address shown twice and billing address shown twice. I have tried several test customers and it seems that every time the customer enters their details the next step they are taken to the address/details page, to check the shipping option chosen, the addresses are then duplicated. I have one customer who had 4 copies of each address listed in their admin account details.i assume they just kept going backwards and forwards during the 'registration' phase. I have asked them how many times they had to enter their address and they have only entered it once.
  3. Customers are not able to login with their accounts after i have removed the ssl checks from the store. It doesnt show any error and redirects to the login page again if provided with the actual email and password. But it shows the error "Login Failed" if the wrong credentials are given. Help required! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi all, I've recently moved a Cubecart Installation from a shared windows server onto a Linux server. Most of the problems with tablenames have been sorted but a few anomolies are still cropping up. One problem is that when viewing customers in the administrator area, it shows new orders since the installation as '0'. I took a look in the database is the field is 'Null'. If I do a Rebuild and Recount it will put the orders back in, but when the customer pays for an order initially, it's not updated for some reason. This was working on the previous server. Any ideas please, it's a little niggly annoying problem which I'd like to sort out. Thanks! Adam
  5. Hi This is a CC3 issue - I don't want to upgrade to 4 or 5 if I can help it as these three stores have been running absolutely fine on 3 and they have mods which I don't think will work in later versions. The prob is, all of a sudden, on all three stores (all on 1and1 hosting) customers have stopped getting order notifications. I know on later versions, emails are only sent to the customer when the order is changed to processing, but with this version (3.0.17) emails have always gone as soon as the order is placed - and if you change the order status, a seperate email is sent (if you tick the box) to inform the client of the change only, and this doesn't send the email order confirmation. So, for some reason, customers are no longer getting a confirmation email. Absolutely nothing has changed, and everything else works fine. It's the email() option that is being used - and this isn't a problem with the host, as we're using the same email option on wordpress sites on the same host. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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