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Found 11 results

  1. In our final stages of testing before going live, testing as a customer and having a bad user experience problem. --------------------- (courtesy of bsmithers) There are four main statuses of an order: 0. The shopping basket while the customer is shopping. 1. Pending: The customer is at the checkout counter and is ready to make a payment attempt. If payment is approved, then 2. If payment and a digital only order, then also 2D. 2. Processing: The customer has made payment and is waiting for the store to ship the order. 2D. Digital Order: Download links are sent. Automatically moved to 3 but maybe no email. 3. Completed: The store has shipped the order. As an admin, you will receive an admin email for status 1 or 2 (but not both). As a customer, they will receive an email for 2, 2D, and 3 (maybe). --------------------- Admin gets email when order is Processing but... Customer doesn't get any email (2) or (3)
  2. Hi Cubecart, I received an email from a client today saying that they could not access my 5.2.5 shopping cart. We will leave that issue for the moment as I believe it is working. I created an order for the client through the admin panel. Dashboard orders, create etc. Insert the customers address etc and then saved it. Then changed the order status from pending to processing. I did not receive an email confirming the order. Does that also mean the client did not get an email? How can you find out? Is it normal with a manual create? I wanted to print out the order from the admin panel, using control p gives me 4 pages, is there a better method? Is there a previous answer to this? regards Duncan
  3. When customers are logged in, they can look up their order history. How can I also include tracking info? Data located in admin UI at: Order Summary>>Shipping Information>>Shipment Tracking Code -John
  4. CubeCart Versão: 4.4.5 PHP Versão: 5.3.26 MySQL Versão: 5.1.68-cll Hi everyone, This is my cubecart version, show above. My costumers do normally all orders, but it happened some times that different costumers made orders and i can't see products list on backoffice, but anywhay it calculates right amount. I was on phone with a costumer and he told me he could see perfect invoice with all products. Can anyone tell me what could be the problem? here is Printed Invoice from backoffice: Factura / Recibo para: Jun 18 2013, 14:19 PreçoProduto 0 x () Sub-total: €32.00 Desconto: €0.00 Envio: €4.10 Taxa total: €8.30 Total: €44.40 best regards, Margarida
  5. A customer ordered three products costing $5+10+5. Total: $20. I then removed one of the ordered products from the shop, since it's now out of stock. When doing that the total cost for the three products went down to $15. The cost for the product I removed was no longer counted, but still in the order summary. Of course I still want the cost to be as it was before I removed the product from the shop. Anyone who know why this happen and how to fix it? Latest CubeCart version is being used.
  6. Hello, we are running 5.0.7 with no option to upgrade due to numerous custom modifications and features. We receive around 10 order every day, using Paypal as the only payment option. We started having a very serious issue with the orders for last couple of months/weeks, when the customer goes through the order process, completes the payment which appears in our Paypal account, but the order (summary) itself is not saved into the database, meaning we dont really know about it. When I search the entire database for the lost order ID, I see records in following tables: store_CubeCart_order_history store_CubeCart_order_inventory store_CubeCart_order_tax store_CubeCart_request_log store_CubeCart_transactions But NOT the all important CubeCart_order_summary. I tried setting up a debug condition for the database classes to detect if there is a "DELETE" and "order_summary" being executed, but Ive got nothing - meaning the summary is not saved at all. Example data of one such lost order: Status Date/Time Processing 13 Mar 2013, 20:39 Pending 13 Mar 2013, 20:37 The order inventory: [snip, three valid products] Transaction log: PayPal Card Payment: Success, Exact match for AVS data. CVV2 correctly matched., TXNID: 4FC98336766[snip, correct TXN ID] Do you have any idea why the order is not being saved? I tried going through the order process in the classes, but I see no vulnerable points - and we have done no adjustments to the order process. Was this a bug fixed in some of the latter versions, or could it be a Paypal issue? Thank you in advance for any input, as this is a very serious issue. Roman
  7. We're having issues with admins receiving Pending Order status'es - the Cart Admin shows there is an Order, but there is no corresponding Transaction Log order. The site processes both Print and Authorize credit card orders - they've had 2 Authorize orders with no Transaction log in the past 3 days, one with CC 5.1.5 and one after upgrading to 5.2.1. Due to this issue and the ongoing "empty cart" bug issue I disabled Caching last night prior to upgrading to 5.1.5 and left it off. Any other possible tips, configuration, hosting variables or other issue that would help?
  8. I would like on the receipt page (content.receipt.php) the similar information that is in the admin area on the order summary page. Dispatch Date Shipping Method Courier Tracking Code ( I have got this and used the code here to actual link the tracking code) http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/46445-setting-up-google-trusted-site/ Gateway Any suggestions as I can seem to work it out?
  9. Hey Guys, Was hoping for a bit of help. My client sells tickets for events and they require to export the sales report to manage the e-tickets when the customer brings their print-off to their event/product they have bought a ticket for. http://www.mygigticket.com Unfortunately cubecart doesn't provide the product name in the sales report, only the order id, which then has to be cross referenced to find the event. This isn't very convenient and have been trying to figure out how to add product name to the report. I can see that the report in the admin is using the CubeCart_order_summary table, But I need the table in the cubecart CubeCart_order_inventory which associates the order number with the product. Can anyone help with a potential solution? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, A client of us notified us that it seems there is a bug on CC4? When you change an order, let's say you change the price and tax and save the order, the changes are visible. All things go well. But when you want to print the order the changed price is indeed on the invoice but not the tax. Then you will see the original tax and not the changed tax. In other words, changing tax in an order will not be displayed when printing the order. Hope for a solution! Kind regards, Boudi
  11. Hi all, I've recently moved a Cubecart Installation from a shared windows server onto a Linux server. Most of the problems with tablenames have been sorted but a few anomolies are still cropping up. One problem is that when viewing customers in the administrator area, it shows new orders since the installation as '0'. I took a look in the database is the field is 'Null'. If I do a Rebuild and Recount it will put the orders back in, but when the customer pays for an order initially, it's not updated for some reason. This was working on the previous server. Any ideas please, it's a little niggly annoying problem which I'd like to sort out. Thanks! Adam
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