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Found 3 results

  1. In our final stages of testing before going live, testing as a customer and having a bad user experience problem. --------------------- (courtesy of bsmithers) There are four main statuses of an order: 0. The shopping basket while the customer is shopping. 1. Pending: The customer is at the checkout counter and is ready to make a payment attempt. If payment is approved, then 2. If payment and a digital only order, then also 2D. 2. Processing: The customer has made payment and is waiting for the store to ship the order. 2D. Digital Order: Download links are sent. Automatically moved to 3 but maybe no email. 3. Completed: The store has shipped the order. As an admin, you will receive an admin email for status 1 or 2 (but not both). As a customer, they will receive an email for 2, 2D, and 3 (maybe). --------------------- Admin gets email when order is Processing but... Customer doesn't get any email (2) or (3)
  2. Disclaimer: I despise Paypal, so I really don't care. I have a question about the Gateway->call() function. When the IPN comes in, all the stuff in POST is used to make a $request, and the answer to that $request is tested to be either 'INVALID' or 'VERIFIED'. Assuming 'VERIFIED', the code then looks at $_POST['payment_status']. If $_POST['payment_status'] is 'Pending', the code calls $order->paymentStatus(Order::PAYMENT_PENDING, $cart_order_id), then calls $order->orderStatus(Order::ORDER_PROCESS, $cart_order_id). The question is: Assuming PayPal's 'payment_status' as "Pending" means exactly that, why is CubeCart setting the status of the order to Processing?
  3. I have been searching for a solution that would automatically set "Processing" orders to status "Order Complete" after an order has been placed. Right now, when an order goes through, the status gets set to "Processing" by default. Then someone has to login and manually change the status to complete before the customer gets their final receipt and the PayPal payment is captured. I found an old post that solves this, but its for an old version of CubeCart. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> So the solution for the 5.2.8 is done by locating the file order.class.php in the classes folder. Around line 250 locate the following code: $this->assignOrderDetails(); $mailer->sendEmail($this->_order_summary['email'], $content); unset($content); Then add this snippet right above it: $this->_digitalDelivery($order_id, $this->_order_summary['email']); Hope it helps. Al
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