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  1. Google will effectively start to mark sites that aren't HTTPS as not secure, so it's definetely worth getting regardless whether NoChex is secure. " Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”. " Source: Google
  2. Thank you for going out your way to test it, I appreciate it! It gives me a clue to try and investigate the skin. It's a custom skin so something may have been missed I guess.
  3. Using the latest Cubecart version. Created option sets, created options, added to product. When viewing product on the front-end, the drop down shows as "--Please Select--", I was hoping for a default here, am I missing something?
  4. Has anyone extended their inventory to other potential marketplaces? I have been using Noodleman's eBay plugin which is great, I'd like to also offer my products on Facebook, my findings have lead me to StoreYa: http://blog.storeya.com/2012/11/cubecart-partners-storeya/ Any store owners with experience with Storeya?
  5. Great little plugin, thanks for that. Small question, I'm new to Zopim, if I were to upgrade and therefore customize the widget, would the plugin update?
  6. Well I didn't see that coming! I think it's a great move, hopefully we'll see more designers and developers coming back to give this platform a look again.
  7. Great, can confirm it's fixed after getting a new order.
  8. First of all, congratulations on going live, one milestone achieved right there. Some points: --------------- 1) I don't think a splash page is required, on visiting your URL the user shouldn't have to click again or wait for the redirect, remember, you've got 3 seconds on average to keep their interest before they click away. a) If your going to use the root for something else i.e forum or /blog with a link to /store then fine, otherwise I'd be tempted to move the store to the root directory, if the splash page is a holding page for other content, then for the time being do a 302 redirect to your store through your .htaccess file. --------------- 2) On the store index, I feel like there's a clear call to action missing: a] There's a fading banner which doesn't link to anything, so IF I see a product I like, I cant go to it. b] If your trying to push Custom suits, you'd benefit more from having a single static image over a fancy fader which links to your custom suits page. It's a big billboard that does or says very little at the moment. c] Then below the large image/fader, potentially put some featured products here - So your targeting two audiences, those who want custom stuff can click through via your large image - Those who just want to buy your other items, can click through straight away without having to dig deep in the navigation, although its there if they need to use it. --------------- Good luck and I hope you do well.
  9. I'm struggling with this a little: $value = array( 'offset' => $offset, //'name' => $ship_name.': '.$data['name'], 'name' => $data['name'], 'value' => $data['value'], 'tax_id' => $data['tax_id'], // Kept for legacy 'tax' => $data['tax'] I've made the change but I'm still getting the shipping name: Or is that because this order has already been place and I need to wait for the 'next' order?
  10. Good news. New customers are automatically signed up to mailchimp. Customer just completed checkout and noticed the email had been added to mailchimp.
  11. *another mailchimp question* Was wondering if anyone can chime on in this one... You can assign users to a mailchimp list if someone sends you a payment via Paypal. I was hoping we could use the fact that Cubecart integrates with Paypal to accomplish a Mailchimp sign-up but I'm seeing this: http://kb.mailchimp.com/integrations/other-integrations/integrate-paypal-with-mailchimp I'm guessing there's no other way round it?
  12. i.ahmed

    Here's Mine

    Good decision on the https as Google factors this in and gives "some" weight to your seo rankings: source As for IE7, I probably wouldn't worry too much about it (but take a look at your Google Analytics first!) as based on your traffic, you may have next to zero percent who use that version, definately is for my site, but each ecommerce store is different. Microsoft announced they too will end support for IE7 & 8 in a year and few months: source
  13. I'm on version 5.2.13 I got this today for: Gateway PayPal_Pro Then it looks like the customer tried to use Paypal Express after this failed and its showing in the order under Transaction Log: Transaction ID Status Amount Gateway Date/Time Notes Not Available £0.00 PayPal Express Checkout Today, 06:15
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