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Found 9 results

  1. Hi - when I upgraded to CC 5.2.2, I didn't notice that the By Category shipping module isn't correctly pricing international orders. It's working fine for the UK ones. UK orders are charged the correct shipping amount International orders have no shipping added at all cubecart 5.2.2 PHP Version 5.3.18 mysql 5.0.96 Where should I look to fix this, please? Margaret
  2. Hi all, I need to know if I can take an excel spreadsheet from a vendor and upload it to my site to add products. The fields in the spreadsheet are: Part #, Product Name, Weight, MAP, WHL, Manufacturer, Part URL and Photo URL. Can anyone tell me if this is something I can do with cubecart? Also, is there a way to use the photo URL to automatically add a photo for the item on my site? If not I would have to manually download each image and upload it for each product, which would not be feasible. Thank you for your help!
  3. How do I disable the lightbox from within the Admin, I was able to find this feature in CC4 but not in CC5.
  4. Hi Cubecart, I received an email from a client today saying that they could not access my 5.2.5 shopping cart. We will leave that issue for the moment as I believe it is working. I created an order for the client through the admin panel. Dashboard orders, create etc. Insert the customers address etc and then saved it. Then changed the order status from pending to processing. I did not receive an email confirming the order. Does that also mean the client did not get an email? How can you find out? Is it normal with a manual create? I wanted to print out the order from the admin panel, using control p gives me 4 pages, is there a better method? Is there a previous answer to this? regards Duncan
  5. Hello all... I wanted to make a comment to all the CC developers (not Devellion), specifically those making add-ons, modules, plug-ins, themes/skins, etc. to "extend" the capabilities of CubeCart. First, as somebody who has been doing ecommerce since 1996 (!), including projects for Oprah Winfrey, large camera stores, No Fear clothing, etc. -- I've got a good background on how stores should and should not work. I've managed my own web server(s) since 1996, and ran a hosting company from 1996/7 to 2005. I've been using CC since 2010 and have been very happy. We worked with some great folks on plugins/extensions for CC4, and rarely had any problems. However, with CC5 I'm seeing a somewhat disturbing trend, and would like to comment publicly about it here. 1) I've noticed a number of plugin folks making elements which 'phone home' to verify a license 2) I've noticed folks putting in advertising links in their plugin (like the late captcha plugin) 3) I've noticed some themes/skins and whatnot making outbound calls to CDNs for .js files and such First, while it should be obvious that secure ecommerce systems should NEVER make outbound links to other sites for security purposes, it's also true many CC third party developers don't actually run any kind of ecommerce business themselves (one of my faves is always the CC plugin sellers who can't make their items downloadable when that's a built in function of CC!) and hence don't have to deal with the actual business of working with a wide range of clients - ever notice CC plugin/addon sellers whose store isn't even secure? Um... duh. No skin or plugin should contact an outside CDN or website, or the developer's own site, to download anything, check in or anything like that. This is a massive security threat and CDNs, developer sites, come and go like the wind. Your little .js you include as a connection in your HEAD might load malware when you decide to pack it up and get a real job, leaving us with an injection of malware and you could care less. I would like to make this issue more public as it's been creeping into a number of things lately. I just removed on from a popular commercial skin (hint mentioned in my footer), removed a captcha with links to an SEO service in the actual plugin, and refused to buy another add-on as it phoned home every time to verify it was "licensed." Really? So.... please be aware I will start "calling out" those folks who do this kind of "bad behavior" as it's NOT secure, not wanted, and bad practice. Feel free to join the conversation on this one, folks. Chris
  6. Ive created a total of 17 videos on how to customise your Cubecart 5 store. The videos are hosted on Youtube. https://www.youtube....fAeOZaw-oi4o-Eq Hope this helps.
  7. Not sure where to put this but thought I'd pass it on as I killed myself to do an CC 4.3.7 > 5.1.4 upgrade I got a lot of help here and it's all based on CC5 which I guess you could say hasn't followed a normal development path :-) Anyhow - within hours of going live the site owner received the following from a long time customer, made me feel 10ft tall and I thought i'd share as we (I) demand a lot of the CC team and they probably don't hear too much beyond $%&*^*%%$!! "I lOVE your new web site and ordering system. Thanks so much for the change. It took me about half as long to order this time!!" Peace, thanks to CC5 and the helpers here. Site: http://www.luciasimports.com/
  8. Guest

    Notes in New Order Email

    Hi, Im developing a site for a pizza takeaway and would iike all the necessary info to appear in the "new order" email. I cant seem to get the info from the customer Notes box to appear in this email? Appreciate if anyone can help. Ive tried Dashboard » Documents » Email Contents & Templates » New Order #{$DATA.cart Order Id} in the admin but theres no option with the "available macros" to add the note. Also the payment type would be handy in this email. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have decided to give the CC5 lite a run for its money. I was using CC3 up now. I have done a complete fresh install of both CC5 and database required. That all worked out fine and dandy. Been working on the setup side and come accross issues where I have adjusted the privacy page of what its content was and removed the about us page for the moment. After doing these couple of adjustments I decided to preview the live site and to my amazement I get an error page that comes up only. I tried all the other links an get the same thing. I have thought it might of been the Ioncube folder causing me grief. I renamed it temporarily to test if thaat was the problem. It did not seem to matter. If need to view the site to see what is happening the web address is www.nabbsws.com. I am still in setup mode so all is not complete but I need to resolve this page not showing first so I can continue. Thanks
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