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  1. Hi, i was wondering whether we could all contribute and create some kind of mapping for the classes files, and where they are used, and for what. I think it would be extremely useful. Thank you in advance
  2. Hi, i would like to ask where exactly i can edit the output of the All In one Shipping module, what i want to do, is NOT show the price next to the available shipping methods names ( it comes as (price)(method name), i want only the name of each shipping method to be shown in my cart ) Thank you in advance
  3. Thank you for your quick reply, i can tell you are the myth of cubecart, by working just a few days on it Is there any documentation concerning the database fields, and their correspondence on the cubecart sections? Some kind of "mapping" i mean? It s a really good coding exercise, to be honest however, if i had known the several issues that would arise, i would have chosen at least a platform with a more complete and thourough -or easy to find- documentation, it s something cubecart is lacking.. It has its logic however, I have some questions also for the AIO shipping module, i will post them on the respective forum section, hopefully we will help more users of this product.
  4. Hi, i have been trying to customize a cubecart shop for a month now, can't say i am pretty into its logic yet, hopefully i can get some assistance from someone here. Version currently running is 5.2.5. fusion/vector store url is http://bettersport.gr/shop My main to do tasks are: 1. Customizing the checkout_confirmation page i need a login form like the one in the register/login page (and not with the pop-up). Having copied the exact code of the login form results to nothing, the login does not work, where as the popup form (i have commented it out) works like a charm. What am i missing here? I have been trying to implement the shipping method into the basket. My goal is to select and update automatically the shipping price. No method is selected by default (i used a ;break method suggested in another thread, and it worked, now i need for the cost to update when i select a method from the dropdown (without updating button that is), is that an AJAX thing, i am not into AJAX at all, so if you have a method to suggest i would appreciate it. Also i want to add a checkbox, that, when checked, will add an extra cost to the total and subtotal. I cannot make it work, most probably i ve got lost in the classes and db of this thing, so any assistance on this would be appreciated too. My third issue on this is the following, i am building for extra address fields in the registration page, which hopefully will be declared as the main address cubecart is going to use (thats billing address i guess) When logged it shows a selection of addresses if the customer wants to ship to a different address. I want this block to show ONLY when the addresses are more than one. Is that possible? 2. The other big issue i cannot seem to grasp the logic of cubecart, is how i define on which page the user goes when performing some things for example, a user registers, and goes to the account page, a user registers while in the checkout and returns to the checkout (For example) Where can i set these "redirects" or instructions to the cubecart engine? Thank you in advance, tell me if you need anything form me to provide, i am in the stage that i think i am ready to make a mess of my code, so any help will be sincerely appreciated (i ll send you a pair of shoes, to whoever helps ) Tassos
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