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  1. I have a major problem on http://www.hebbestools.nl. People who signed in cannot add their address and so cannot place an order. I get the message: Saving address failed (translated from Dutch). There is no error about it in the error logboek in the admin. And I want to say we did not delete (drop) the database while upgrading to the latest version. I am using the latest version 6.0.2.
  2. Which instructions can I follow exactly? I haven't find them anywhere on Cubecart.com. You said "because you forgot to add back in the global.inc.php file"? I don't understand you advice.
  3. After the upgrade from 5.1.4 to 5.2.1 half of the pictures are not linked to the products anymore. How is this possible? http://www.hebbestools.nl
  4. Other settings that I have to re-configure again: Valuta.
  5. Upgrading never works fine for me. The FAQ about upgrading to the next version from Cubecart is very unhelpfull. Don't try that method, the upgrade will not go successfull. When I want to upgrade from the upgrade-message in the backend of the shop, I get the alert I have to do it by FTP because of permission-issues. These are the steps I take: I backup the database I backup the FTP. I download the newest version from cubecart.com. I delete the FTP (because overwriting isn't working because of permissions), except the folders modules/plugins, the images/logos, images/source, skins. In the Cubecart FAQ it says to overwrite everything, but don't do that! You lose you skin, images, modules en logo. I upload the newest Cubart-files, except the folders mentioned above. I run the setup, change the permissions as noticed, and fill in the preferences. The shop is ready, but I have these problems always: the Global settings are gone, and need to be filled in again (pain in the ass, because I can't remember everything), the copyright in the footer is gone and needs to be created again (if you can remember that too). The Documents are in duplicate, I have to delete the new ones. With the latest upgrade to version 5.1.2, a lot of images where seperated from the products, and needed to combine again. Always a lot of problems and no easy FAQ or manual from Cubecart. Very disappointing...
  6. Thanks for your reply. The problem is that I already have a template ready and running.
  7. My customer wants the homepage to look like a category page where the products are displayed under each other (with the information of the product) instead of next to each other like with the "Newest products" which can be shown on the homepage. Is this possible?
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