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Found 430 results

  1. I am new to this forum and have very little or no experience with this so I need help please, be gentle ok. I am in the process of setting up a digital download store, have put in some test items to check and test. I have a problem with the latest products that appear below the box slider (I am just using the default skin) when they are selected to add to cart, the cart message comes up saying your cart is empty. i can add product to cart from all other areas accept this Latest product boxes. how can I resolve this please?
  2. This is a little complicated. The basic problem is that our Products should all have 2 images, but in the majority of cases they are not showing any images. This has all been working fine for a few years, and there are a few reasons why it may now not be working, but I cannot figure it out. I am not exactly sure what the problem is however this background may help. We have loaded a lot of new images and did a complete Inventory load from a CSV file (removing the existing inventory first). The image file names were incorrect for many images, so we removed the inventory and started again. Things were not working well (images not showing, and very slow response in File Manager) and I realised our version of Cubecart was out of date and so updated it to the latest version. The .CSV file used to create the inventory contains all the file names, and each product has 2 images. In the CSV file all the file names have a lower case extension .jpg. The actual images in the images / source file have a mixture of upper and lower case extensions, .jpg and .JPG I have realised in File Manager > Images that there are duplicates, with upper and lower case .jpg and .JPG. Many of these files have a size of 0.0 kb and they do not have the appropriate icon next to them, and these are the files that a lot of the Products seem to be linked to. I decided to delete the Cache files from images / cache file (although I think a lot of them did not get deleted). I did consider maybe trying to edit the images tables in the database, but don't really know where to start … the website is kbcoins.com Any help or guidance much appreciated. Regards Tony E.
  3. Hello, I usually use the UPS shipping module, but UPS has always been too expensive, so I wanted to use USPS instead. I went to the website and set up an account. I have all of my settings in place (I think) but again I am getting the error. Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries See attached screenshot of settings. Any help would once again be appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to setup the stripe payment gateway, In test mode I'm getting a blank page after entering the credit card detail and hitting the make payment button. this is the link I get taken to https://toolsetups.co.nz/index.php?_a=gateway I'm running the latest version of cubecart and stripe plugin. Any help will be much appreciated.
  5. I just installed the Stripe extension and was making a "fake" purchase to see how it worked. After placing an item in my cart, I view my cart and click the "Continue to Secure Checkout" button where I have to put in Contact info, Business details and Delivery Address if different than the Business address. I check Agree to Terms and uncheck "I want to create an account" causing the password and recaptcha to disappear. Then, after making sure that the radio button for Stripe is selected, I again click the Continue to Secure Checkout Button. I get the red banner error "Verification Code is Incorrect. Please try again" and of course I can't checkout. If I then check that I want to create an account and put in a password and check the recaptcha then I am sent to the Stripe page to insert my credit card info. I am using Recaptcha 2 with checkbox and latest Cubecart. The only changes I have made to the content.checkout.confirm skin page is to make it two columns instead of the one long one asking for contact and business info. What should I do to fix this? Any and all help is appreciated.
  6. Why does my website look different on Chrome to Internet Explorer? On IE you can see "Featured Products",Best Sellers" and "On Sale "items but on CHRome you can see only "Latest Products" Any way to change this to look the same on all browsers? Thanks in advance
  7. I sell some 1 off items that I don’t want to be included in the stock warnings but want to use the stock warning for other products. - I tried to set the 1 off product stock warning to -1 but it changes to 0 when saved - I unticked the statis box but item was still in the stock warnings tab. -I have the stock warning to individual items rather than global.
  8. Hey there I need help badly can you please contact me my website is fairerepair.ca/store
  9. Hi All, I have tried all options to setup the email under the admin advance tab and none of them have been sent. I'm trying this on the localhost and I have done this before successfully but it doesn't seem to want to work now. The version of cubecart is 6,2,4 and the skin that I'm using is the eTrend skin. The emails are constructed as the email log shows but seems that the smtp will not connect. The error messages that I have been getting depending on what method I use in the advanced tab are as below If I use SMTP then this message occurs in log ' SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting' if I use phpmailer the message is in the log ' Could not instantiate mail function. ' Unfortunately I do not where to go from here to try and get the mail to work, I'm not sure if it is cubecart or the localhost. Any help will be appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  10. Good Afternoon... Just when you thought you finally got rid of him, he comes back with a question. Ok, we have a "captive" customer base. We do not sell to anyone but "known" people. We require each new user to submit registrations and that registration needs to be approved/verified prior to that person is allowed to place orders or see pricing. With that said, we utilize the Customer Groups. Each user is assigned to a group based on their location. The Group number is a four digit number with a hyphen and a four digit alpha text. For example, Fort Wayne, IN would be 8735-FWAY. I would like to have the Customer Group "drop down" from the Customer List area added to the Registration page. I'm assuming this is in /skins/foundation/templates/content.register.php -- possibly? Would we add a "hook"? Thanks in advance for any help. R
  11. Hi All, I'm using the skin 'eTrend' and what I'm trying to achieve on the homepage as well as the category page is the ability for the individual products to display a message stating that there are discounts available and if the user clicks this message they are taken to the product display which shows the quantity pricing table where they can then select their quantity for the order. I have tried testing for the Product.discounts id but I'm getting no where, it seems that at the point of displaying the product information on the homepage or the category page the quantity pricing table hasn't been accessed and therefore Product.discounts id is not set. With my limited amount of knowledge I cannot see where the pricing.discounts table is accessed so therefore I'm unable to get this to work. Any help will be very appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  12. I've recently noticed that my store has completely disappeared from Google searches, where I had previously held the top spot in the search 'License Plates for Sale'. I've initiated a Google recrawl to show up within their search engine. I've noticed that I am now starting to show up in a search of Plate Depot (my store name); however, it fails to connect to the store properly. If I type the url in manually either as https://www.platedepot.com or https://www.platedepot.com/index.php, both will connect to the store, but clicking the link from Google or Bing (where I haven't disappeared from their searches) will show this error. Is there a setting in the store I need to change?
  13. Hello all I am new to this site but need some help I accidentally deleted a home page document which had my sliders so I created another documents page but now when I add my slider pictures they all come one under each other on my homepage they do not slide as they did before, I have searched and searched but can not find anything that will help me reinstate my slides ....do I have to go and do something within my cPanel to fix this problem. I usually do not ever go into my cPanel and I have no idea what to do in there, in the past if I have needed to go into the cPanel I have asked for Tech help rather than crashing the whole system. I know my way a little around the Admin side but that is about it.. Is there a way to get back the document I accidentally deleted? I would be grateful for any help with this. Thanks in advance Regards Irene
  14. Hi All, I have a plugin that I wish to install into cubecart and it is not part of the extensions market place. I'm very new at JavaScript and how to implement it into a cubecart store. The plugin allows for the Plus Sign and the Minus sign to be used when entering the order quantity instead of the up arrow and down arrow. I have identified two programs that would need to be able to recognise that a JavaScript would be used, the 2 programs are for the etrend skin and they are content.product.php and round line 68 - 69 and content.homepage.php around line 38-39 I'm hoping somebody can point me the direction where I can find some step by step instructions on how to achieve this. Best Regards, Peterp
  15. Ok first post ! I installed the Postcode anywhere extension and find that it breaks the BXslider, in that the slider no longer slides ! I'm using foundation Cubecart v6 testvalleymodels.co.uk
  16. Hello everyone, On my Admin login page I have a problem that the links do not seem to work when doing a backup, Upgrade or anything else? https://www.mjpcomputerservices.co.uk/shop/?_g=maintenance&node=index#upgrade ---- this is what shows when you hover on the buttons in Admin https://www.mjpcomputerservices.co.uk/shop/admin.php?_g=maintenance&node=index#upgrade ---- I have noticed the wording in RED is missing, when I type the missing part into the address it will work!!! if I just click on say the backup button it takes me to my stores home page?
  17. Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) ERROR on my PHP Version 7.0.33 Cube cart site. It occurs when we get to the main page after cancelling an order from a CCAvenue gateway..Please help.
  18. Hi all, We're using the sequential order number module which in part seems to be ok, however, the numbers jump by hundreds in the space of a few hours, 753 between two orders. What's causing it, i'm not getting loads of stale orders. Is there some way to generate the order number once they click the payment gateway option? Cheers
  19. Hi All, I have a client that is about to start using latest cubecart v6, however what they require is that certain products have different options (such as different lengths) and these options all have a different price this can be achieved by the add or subtract functionality in the options setup, however they also want the options have the ability to have quantity pricing. So the customer might for example purchase a product that has an option of size which they also want to purchase a large quantity so they want a discount either a percentage or a special quantity price. The long winded way of doing this is to have every option as a separate product and then just use the quantity pricing that is standard, this would lead to confusion on the customers point of view. I have looked through the forums but I don't seem to be able find anything that will do the job,or am I asking for the impossible. Hopefully this has been done before and somebody can point me in the right direction to be able to set this up. Best Regards, Peterp
  20. Hi All, I'm putting together a demo of the etrade skin for a client and one of their requirements is to be able to click on either a plus sign or a minus sign to increase or decrease the quantity being bought. I have looked through the forum however I don't seem to be able to find any solutions. Is it possible to have this functionality for the etrade skin which will work on the main page as well as a mobile. Any help will be appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  21. Hi All, I have been trying to get the stores name and address to appear in the footer of an etrend skin and haven't had any success. I'm pretty sure that it should be a main.php modification but when I try to put in the $STORE variables I don't get any result so what am I doing wrong. It's almost like the variables that I'm trying use don't exist, what do I have to do to make these variables available for the use of showing the stores postal address as defined it the store setup. Any Help is always appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  22. Hi All, I have just installed the cubecart bank transfer extension and after filling all fields in I get at the end of and order that I have selected the bank transfer as the payment method it displays a message saying that the order will be completed however I haven;t entered any banking details/credit card details to use for the transfer the necessary funds to complete the order, I also cannot see anywhere to go to return to the store to continue shopping. Is this extension expecting an automatic process from the bank or have I missed some setup process. I effectively come to a grinding halt without being able to pay for the order. Any help will be appreciated. Best regards, Peterp
  23. I have just set up a CC6 store and am using the custom foundation 5 skin. My first name is Aeren. When I am saving some of the admin page settings, some fields are automatically changing to my name (Aeren) instead of the content I entered before saving. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  24. I have CubeCart 6.2.5 and today I had to upgrade PHP to 7.2 for Wordpress 5.2 and all of my Cube Cart pages are not showing up now. In Chrome it gives me a HTTP ERROR 500, in Firefox it just gives me a blank page. If I revert the PHP back to 7.0 CubeCart works fine but then the Wordpress side does not work. Is there a way to get CubeCart to work with PHP 7.2 Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi All, I'm trying to setup incremental order numbers in my store however even though I have specified that the number should have a prefix of 'BTW' this does not appear. The order number is correct when I look in the orders selection from the admin dashboard but when it prints the order using print order form gateway I get the order format of date time etc. not the incremental order number. I have looked through the forum but cannot find anything similar so I guess must have some setup wrong. I somebody could help straighten me out I would appreciate it. Best Regards, Peterp
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