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  1. I am seeing that Sale items will not sort at all. I am still running 5.2.7 (I have never done an upgrade myself before, still trying to get the guts to do the compare-merge-upload by myself)
  2. Trying to Sort items in my "Sale Items" category, and is not working.
  3. I have removed the <br> in both spots and... yeah... what the hell what that in my Google Analytics box? After I have fixed these, I can not reproduce the error in IE11. (I've tested on two machines) NEXT: I have not tried this, because 5.2.9 just came out. I am going to upgrade and keep the thread updated. Thanks for all the help! -BK
  4. I am currently running 527 I have never upgraded on my own before, because of modifications and I have a lot at stake if something goes wrong. I was going to hold off on hiring my tech until 529 was released, because that was said to be coming out '>soon'.... a month ago. I understand the delay. In the file /classes/session.class.php Line 595 reads
  5. This is what was shown after I added "Item B" when "Item A" was already in the cart. End result was "Item A" was removed and "Item B" was added to basket.
  6. I've been playing around with IE11 and have had these experiences. I have filled up my basket (once) successfully, but when I went to remove an item from the basket, the basket emptied entirely. After this happened, I tried to fill up the cart again: I added "Item A" successfully. Right after I went to add "Item B".... "Item A" was removed and replaced with "Item B" Then tried to add "Item A" again, resulted in "Item B" being removed and "Item A" was the only item in the basket. So its removing the existing product, and replacing it with the most recently added item.
  7. Really frustrated with this right now. Its a daily occurrence! I am losing customers due to baskets emptying in Internet Explorer! Please someone with feedback. Thanks
  8. So, the suggestion is to upgrade to 5.2.8 or just wait a few days for 5.2.9? or disable express checkout? and how do I disable express checkout?
  9. I've had four customers (all using Internet Explorer 11) say that when they are at the "index.php?_a=confirm" and click Checkout, they are returned to "index.php?_a=basket" with their basket empty. I have asked two of them to try on Chrome or Firefox and they have both been successful placing orders. Still waiting to hear back from the other two, if I do at all...
  10. Seeing File: [cart.class.php] Line: [272] "SELECT `option_id`, `value_id` FROM `CubeCart_option_assign` WHERE `matrix_include` = 1 AND `assign_id` IN () ORDER BY `option_id`, `value_id` ASC " - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') ORDER BY `option_id`, `value_id` ASC' at line 1
  11. Also when the error occurs, the basket empties.
  12. I am having customers tell me that they randomly see all the prices change to the same price, and the currency change to pounds, or some type of currency with a goofy symbol. Also when this happens, images are mismatched with products. I have replicated this once, and found this error message at the top of the browser. I should have taken a screen shot, but stupidly did not.
  13. Not a problem, I thought I was an outlier when requesting the modification, haha. Simple fix.
  14. Just upgraded to 5.2.7 (thanks semperfiwebservices.com!) The sidebar in admin does not slide out anymore when I hover. I would like it to slide out when I place my cursor over the sidebar. I remember reading that a bunch of you wanted to disable it, I like it, for I have a few thousand products and need to update inventory daily. Thanks
  15. So.... I think I have found out a part of the problem. Stupid Customers... When customers click view basket and start filling out information, the basket moves from the right side of the page-- to the bottom of the page, under the entry boxes. I have added a note in 'content.checkout.confirm.php' around line 30 <p>{$LANG.account.already_registered} <a href="{$URL.login}">{$LANG.account.log_in}</a> <br>(Your items are listed below)</p> I have not had any complaints after I have added this text. holy crap...!
  16. I am using Kurouto - Grey. I have made simple mods to the skin, such as background image, header and footer. Changed the colors on nav bar, nothing major. The most consistent data I have from customers is that they are using Windows 7, some Firefox, some IE. What was your fix to the IE problem? Can you provide a link to this other thread you speak of?
  17. I've had a ton of feedback saying that the basket empties when customers start filling out information to check out. Please help, I'm losing customers.
  18. I backed up the mySQL databases, and then choose to Optimize. This fixed the lagging. I hope this helps someone.
  19. My servers have been going slow when I make an updated to inventory. I do this: Log into admin (fast) Search a product I need to update (fast) Enter into the edit screen of that product (fast) Change the qty from 4 to 3 (because I sold one unit in-store) and click Save (its painfully slow once I click Save) I was given the suggestion that I should Optimize the MySQL database via phpMyAdmin. I know how to Optimize, just seeing if I should do all tables in the database, leave some out, or is it not wise to Optimize at all. Thanks or use the "Repair" option?
  20. I think something else is going on here... over the past 2 days the CPU usage has returned to normal. Now today, I am updating inventory (just myself alone) and updating one product is taking very very long. CPU Usage - %1.82 MEM Usage - %0.16 Number of MySQL procs (average) - 0.18 Top Process %CPU 42.00 Top Process %CPU 32.20 /shopping_cart/index.php Top Process %CPU 30.00 /shopping_cart/index.php Any recommendations? Note: Searching for the product and loading the product (in admin) its normal speed. When I change the qty and click save is when it is taking a long time.
  21. My host tech support responded "I suggest you wait for the process to finish and see if the site comes back to normal speed." But, this could take awhile. I do not have permission to end processes or restart them (at least I dont think so) I am using cPanel X (Accelerated 2) 11.40 A shot in the dark. What if I saved admin.php with no contents, then a few minutes later restore the file with the original contents. Maybe that will trick it into stopping the process? Again, just a shot in the dark.
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