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  1. BXSlider

    Fantastic - Many thanks - That's sorted it. I thought I'd done all of the above, but some of it didn't seem to have saved.
  2. BXSlider

    Done that (I thought I did it the first time, but it mustn't have saved correctly), and the file has the correct replacements now, but still not showing a nice arrow.
  3. BXSlider

    I've done the above, I think, but it didn't work, so I'm not sure what I did wrong. (I've changed the graphic to manual changing only ok though )
  4. BXSlider

    I've just managed to put a carousel of pictures on my website main page, following the above instructions, and this has worked well, apart from slightly unsightly arrows to the right and left of the graphic - is there any way of making them look neater by any chance. Also it is possible to turn off the auto advance easily, so that the user has to manually advance the slides? Many thanks
  5. Blanco Vertical Skin

    I've sorted the broken link now
  6. Hi, I've just installed the Blanco vertical skin (a purchased skin), and there's a broken link on the top right of the web page. Does anyone use this skin and know what may be causing this broken link. Also, is it possible to alter the size of the search box at the top of the page - this is a lot longer than I'd ideally like. Many thanks My website is
  7. Hi. I'm currently using the Mican Black skin on my website, and I've been told that it's not responsive. (I know it offers a mobile device version, which looks different to the desktop version, and a user could click "Desktop version" at the bottom of the mobile screen to view the website the same as it appears on a PC, but it's unlikely that they'd choose this option on a mobile device). My question is: Is there a skin which can be easily applied which would then make the website responsive? My website is:
  8. Website Background

    Many thanks - I'll have a go at making a new image
  9. On my website, the current skin I'm using has a grey (with a hint of purple) patterned background. Am I able to change that with an image of my own, or is that not possible? Many thanks. Brian
  10. PHP Version

    Cheers, I'll try upgrading to that
  11. PHP Version

    My cubecart (latest version) says it's running PhP version 5.4.45 I've had an e-mail from my internet provider (1 and 1) to say that they are goign to charge a monthly fee to use php version 5.4 They say I can update my default PhP (to version 7 for example) on their website. If I do this will that automatically update the version that cubecart says it's running, and without stopping the website from working. Many thanks
  12. Many thanks - this seems to have solved the problem. I've only got Print Order Form and Paypal as payment options, so when I've texted it by selecting a digital product, it takes me directly to the PayPal screen.
  13. Hi, I've opened the file content.checkout.php in /skins/mican/templates but I'm unable to locate the lines: {if $INCLUDE_CHECKOUT && !$DISABLE_GATEWAYS} or {foreach from=$GATEWAYS item=gateway} I can find a part on line 4 which says {if $INCLUDE_CHECKOUT} {include file='templates/content.checkout.confirm.php'} {/if} I've attached the file which is on the website. content.checkout.php
  14. Hi, My website sells both tangible products and digital downloads. For the tangible products I'm happy for customers to request an invoice (Print Order Form), or pay using PayPal. Hence I've got these two options available on the site. However, for digital products, I require instant payment using Paypal, but despite clearly stating this on the site, I still get a number of orders where customers choose a digital product and select the Print Order Form Option. Is there any possible way of offering only the paypal payment option when customers select products from my digital products category? my website is Many thanks.