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  1. Thanks : ) I might just have to live with it then, as I'm not really selling enough through my website to invest in it. Many thanks though,
  2. Hello, I seem to have a lot of "Bots" signing up to my website - one or more a day. I've tried to activate ReCaptcha, but I get a message for both saying: Warning: It doesn't look like your current skin is compatible with reCAPTCHA v2. Warning: It doesn't look like your current skin is compatible with Invisible reCAPTCHA. Is there a fix for this. Many thanks? Brian. www.mentalstarters.co.uk
  3. Solved it Al - Many thanks. I'd not noticed that before.
  4. Hi. I've just edited a product on my store, but it isn't showing the update on my store, both on my PC and on my phone, I've cleared the cache on the PC. Any suggestions please
  5. That's fantastic. Once again, many thanks for your help. It's really appreciated.
  6. It all seems to be working again. Many thanks. I see it's using pHp version 5.6.39, but my web provider have e-mailed today to say that I should upgrade to version 7.2. I can do this using my 1 and 1 login page. If I upgrade, will cubecart still work?
  7. Ok - I'll do that now and see what happens after that
  8. I think there used to be a folder called admin (as I have a backup from a year or so ago of such a folder), but there's none in there (when looking using a FTP program). I can see some php scripts under the list of folders which begin with admin. The are called: admin_enc_ion.php admin_php5.2_enc_zend.php admin_php5.3_enc_zend.php It's not showing any of these as having been altered since 2013. I can't get into the admin section using any of these - the first one just give a blank page, and the last two come up with pages which mention ZEND guard missing.
  9. Could anyone possibly tell me how to carry out a manual upgrade, as I still can't access the admin area of my store? Many thanks,
  10. Thanks. I don't as yet know how to do a manual upgrade - Is it easy to do?
  11. Hello, I've just clicked the link to upgrade to the newest version of Cubecart. After a second or so the browser went to a white "Can't find this page screen", and now when I go to the admin page www.mentalstarters.co.uk/admin.php I'm just getting the "404 - Page not found" message. The website itself appears to be there Help please
  12. I know it's possible to limit the number of uses of a coupon code, but is it possible to limit the use of a coupon code to once per user? Many thanks. Brian. www.menalstarters.co.uk
  13. I'm also using Mican Black and would like to remove the subscribe to Newsletter option, but when I've opened the main_php file I can't find any mention of {$MAIL_LIST} It may be that I have removed it previously, although if so, the Subscribe to our Newsletter is still showing up on the customer sign up page. Any help should be appreciated :)
  14. Fantastic - Many thanks - That's sorted it. I thought I'd done all of the above, but some of it didn't seem to have saved.
  15. Done that (I thought I did it the first time, but it mustn't have saved correctly), and the file has the correct replacements now, but still not showing a nice arrow.
  16. I've done the above, I think, but it didn't work, so I'm not sure what I did wrong. (I've changed the graphic to manual changing only ok though )
  17. I've just managed to put a carousel of pictures on my website main page, www.mentalstarters.co.uk following the above instructions, and this has worked well, apart from slightly unsightly arrows to the right and left of the graphic - is there any way of making them look neater by any chance. Also it is possible to turn off the auto advance easily, so that the user has to manually advance the slides? Many thanks
  18. I've sorted the broken link now
  19. Hi, I've just installed the Blanco vertical skin (a purchased skin), and there's a broken link on the top right of the web page. Does anyone use this skin and know what may be causing this broken link. Also, is it possible to alter the size of the search box at the top of the page - this is a lot longer than I'd ideally like. Many thanks My website is www.mentalstarters.co.uk
  20. Hi. I'm currently using the Mican Black skin on my website, and I've been told that it's not responsive. (I know it offers a mobile device version, which looks different to the desktop version, and a user could click "Desktop version" at the bottom of the mobile screen to view the website the same as it appears on a PC, but it's unlikely that they'd choose this option on a mobile device). My question is: Is there a skin which can be easily applied which would then make the website responsive? My website is: www.mentalstarters.co.uk
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