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  1. I had the same problem. Pressing the upgrade button on ones site does not have the desired effect. It appears to have worked but in reality it hasn't - as shown by the categories having no products and many messages in the error logs. Having asked the question of support the fix was to run setup manualy. Their comment was: "For some reason, the /setup/ did not run during the automatic upgrade. That's why it needs to be done manually. We're working on a more advanced upgrade system that can let you do/redo portions like this, but it's not ready for release yet." So navigate to www.WhateverYourSiteNameIs.com/setup/ and follow the instructions - as ever don't forget to delete the setup folder once the upgrade is complete. Hope this helps others with this problem.
  2. Foton, I think DB is looking along the right lines. A couple of other things to consider: <h3></h3> will put in padding/margins and a line break after the closing tag by default . These can all be controlles by CSS. The page is normally designed to have other details and then the buy button (as DB has noted) How to get around this (suggestions to try!): changing <h3> tags for something you are more used to styling (<p> tags?) moving the buy button block higher so as to be generated before other content that may be casuing the unwanted space For me it would be the following bit of code in content,product.php <p class="buy_button"> <input type="text" name="quantity" value="1" class="quantity required" /> <input type="hidden" name="add" value="{$PRODUCT.product_id}" /> <input type="submit" value="&nbsp;" class="button_basket" /> </p> just make sure that it appears after the opening form tag. BUT FIRST: See if you can find the code that is causing this effect and sort it out using styles. If you are using Firefox as you browser of choice make sure you have fire bug installed. If you are using IE9 all you have to do is hit F12. Both of these are extremely useful tools and will allow you to see which parts of the page are controlled by which bit of CSS, with handy highlights. You may find that it is just something cascading in the style sheet that you were unaware of, or that all you need to do is add an element with a float:right; etc etc Hope this gives you some pointers
  3. Yep- different .htaccess file set up from admin section for SEO. Works fine until you turn on SSL :(
  4. They do not have to register to purchase, there is the option that they can un-tick in the basket not to create an account. But to take any sort of payment you will need their address for security checking, so they must be able to enter this information. If all you are wanting to do is provide an online catalogue with no buy options, then in admin go to Store Settings > Features and in the misc section turn on Disable checkout (Catalogue Mode Only). If however you are not wanting any of your customers to create an account and re-enter their details every time they buy then you could remove the register choice and password entering part of the account creation form in content.checkout.confirm.php (you'll find them around line 83 ) and replace it with something like <input type="hidden" name="register" id="show-reg" value="0" class="" /> Though I haven't tried this so make a back up to restore if needed.
  5. It happens in all the flavours I have tried without colour varient sub-folders. bsmither suggests that it is the way that getProductImage method in gui.class.php that doing it. Ithink he is right! Specifically this bit of code: if (isset($this->_skin_data['images'][$mode])) { $default = $this->_skin_data['images'][$mode]['default']; if (($files = glob('skins'.CC_DS.$this->_skin.CC_DS.'{images,styleImages}'.CC_DS.'{common,'.$this->_style.'}'.CC_DS.$default , GLOB_BRACE)) !== false) { return $GLOBALS['storeURL'].'/'.str_replace(CC_DS, '/', $files[0]); } } The fix is create a sub folder for deafault images called 'common' in either the main images folder or skins images folder.
  6. Am I just being unlucky? Is no-one else having problems?? One of my menu items would only, and continuosly, send you to a 404 page. Yes I cleared the cache - many times Yes I restarted my browser. Yes I restarted my computer. Yes I checked SQL tables and got an OK. If I turned the category off in the menu all the other links continued to work properly. If I turned it back on it just repeated the problem. The only 'solution' was to empty the category of products delete it and then re-instate it. It then worked. Was this a caching problem??? If so what is the point of having a section in the admin for clearing the cache? I would prefer to develop with all the cacheing turned off but (even WITH bsmithers multiple unnecessary SQL calls fix) it can be terminally slow. I am sure that this was once again down to problems with URLs not being constructed properly - there has to be a bug in there somewhere .... but perhaps the hosting company has not got it right - if so, why do CubeCart recommendend them - it's the only reason I went with them in the first place. Contact hosting support I hear you cry - tried that, last time I got the message "you are 64th in the queue ..." (no that is not a typing error) If this is one of the easier carts to get working there must be some really bad ones out there ..... Please, if any one can get to the bottom of the SOE / Non SEO regular expression construction of URLs (with or without SSL) please let everyone know as soon as possible - there is a bug in the issue log, but can't see any progress on it. Why do I say it is a problem with this? When the failing link was clicked it had the trailing index.php?_a=category&cat_id=2 format that would be right as SEO freindly is turned off, and the page it was 404'ing on was a SEO .html. Somewhere it was deciding that this link should be SEO friendly, then it couldn't be sent to the correct place because SEO freindly links are not enabled!! This, as far as I am concerned - especially as the cahce had been cleared several times, can only point to the mis-construction of the URL programmatically somewhere - my hunch? seo.class.php I know that I have one or two rants about this already - but it is such a basic thing IT SHOuLD BE BULLIT PROOF!! There is nothing like broken links more guaranteed to send traffic away from your site!!
  7. Thanks Viola. Removing the styles section of the XML file was one of the very first thigs I did. Sorting images into correct folders was next along with making sure that all the deafult images were included. I have cleared the cache many times. The images are being displayed - just that the source code for <img src="path"> gets the path malformed when it is using the deault image - there is a '//'. All I was wondering was is this a sign of other underlying problems? But I can't find the template were this path is set to see if I have messed with it or it is a template problem. (Much like the image path for the store logo is wrong throughout the shopping basket, and was wrong in the original before I started messing)
  8. I realise not all skins use exactly the same coding - but if like me you get annoyed with the little things and you are working with the code, it won't take a genius to alter the above to suit your skin. :)
  9. But the other thing that I like is consistency and altering the code as above will remove the 'pagination bar' (my name for it, but I am sure you know what I meen). Inconsistancy tends to frighten some people, they think somethign has gone wrong. So to get a little more inspired with the code, change the whole code block to {if isset($PRODUCTS)} <form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post"> <div class="control"> <span class="pagination">{if isset($PAGINATION)}{$PAGINATION}{/if}</span> {if count($PRODUCTS) >= 2} {if isset($SORTING)} {$LANG.form.sort_by} <select name="sort" class="auto_submit"> <option value="">{$LANG.form.please_select}</option> {foreach from=$SORTING item=sort} <option value="{$sort.field}|{$sort.order}" {$sort.selected}>{$sort.name} ({$sort.direction})</option> {/foreach} </select> {/if} <input type="submit" value="{$LANG.form.sort}" /> {else} &nbsp; {/if} </div> </form> {/if} You will notice that there is an extra {else} near the botom of the code block. This is so that if there is no sorting or pagination code this 'pagination bar' doesn't collapse on itself as without the optional &nbsp; (non-breaking space) there would be nothing to style.
  10. Ok I'll admit it. Little things annoy me. Like how can you re-order a listign of 1 item?? However you look at it, it can only be put into a list just the 1 way. So what to do? on lines 22 & 85 or thereabouts you will find the following: {if isset($PRODUCTS) && count($PRODUCTS) >= 1} Change it to: {if isset($PRODUCTS) && count($PRODUCTS) >= 2} Now wasn't that easy :)
  11. $product.thumbnail in content.category.php is producing a "//" in the src URL like: ..../skins/charisma/images//noimage_thumbnail.png I have started reskinning from an existing skin that had mutiple colour options and this looks like a hangover from this, in that it is looking for a relevant subfolder, then having not found one (correctly) still puts in a trailing forward slash. Can't find where it is set any pointers please?
  12. I still think that the '/' is needed in the first reg ex - so have left it in. If it is not there you will remove one too many '/' and any link will be incorrect - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE correct me if I am mis-reading this bit of code. There is deffinitely something wrong with how CC is generating links once you go into https:// . I do not know enough php to point out exactly where but any link on the page ending in .html will cause 404 errors when clicked, it appears that they need to end with "/index.php>?_a=......". This means that all the login and register buttons fail - this is a MAJOR problem!! I hope that this may at least point someone in the right direction .... but I have reached the limit of what I can do.
  13. ERROR 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND Oops! Looks like the page you're looking for was moved or never existed Make sure you typed the correct URL or followed a valid link. Guess it's not that then ... or maybe it's just the first step ....
  14. Reading back my last post I have just had a thought the first regex is commented by CC as removing /~username/ . Shouldn't one of the foward slashes remain ??? so instead of preg_replace('/(/~[a-z0-9]{1,}/)/','',$_GET['seo_path']); shouldn't it be preg_replace('/(/~[a-z0-9]{1,}/)/','/',$_GET['seo_path']); I'll try and see what happens!
  15. I'll start this post with a little caveat: it is a few years since I have truly got down and dirty with code - and then my bag was ColdFusion and not PHP. However this is how I see this situation: The problem only occurs when both SEO freindly URL's and SSL options are chosen. It does not matter which skin you choose it even fails with the 'vanilla' version. This suggests it is down to the underlying code and not skins. Instant fix: Turn one of them off. However this is not a true solution. Turn off SSL and anybody with a small ammount of knowledge won't use an unsecured shopping basket. Turn off SEO friendly URL and you make it a nightmare for search engines to index your site and you end up getting phone calls and emails from companies offering to get you up google rankings using their unique system blah blah blah (I am sure we have all had those calls). Following some suggestion from bsmither I has a look at the .htaccess file The line that could be causing the problem could be: RewriteRule ^(.*).html?$ index.php?seo_path=$1 [L,QSA] but given the thoughts above I don't think it is - I beleive this would either work or not - not just some of the time. Lines 35 - 40 of controller.index.inc.php //Initialize SEO $GLOBALS['seo'] = SEO::getInstance(); if(isset($_GET['seo_path']) && !empty($_GET['seo_path'])) { $_GET['seo_path'] = preg_replace('/(/~[a-z0-9]{1,}/)/','',$_GET['seo_path']); // Remove /~username/ from seo_path $GLOBALS['seo']->getItem($_GET['seo_path']); } are not working as it is leaving /~charisma in the URL of the links on my site once out of the https:// area. I do not undestand why this is not working as it look like a properly formated regex to me - but as I have already said I'm a bit rusty. This may suggest that there are further problems with seo.class.php There is another regex on line 86 (.*/)?[w]+.[a-z]+?_a=([w]+)&(amp;)?([w]+)=([w-_]+)([^"']*) these were always the first things I would check. That is about a far as I can go on this .... I hand it over to the experts now like Al, bsmther & Dirty Butter in the hope that a solution can be found soon ..... please!
  16. bsmither's idea wasn't a fix just a suggestion - and a little bit of a wild goose chase. There is a bug report about this issue but I think ther suggested fix has got the syntax wrong, and having tried it - it doesn't fix i. The suggestion is to add 'plugin', on the end of line 56 (which currently ends 'vieworder',) I think that both are incorrect in that they both have a trailing comma (end with a ",") and as they are the last element in a list. However I tried it both ways an neither work to fix the problem. I am looking into this further and will post anything else I find - though feeling a bit frustrated that this is the sort of error that should have been picked up in beta testing - to release software with this many bugs smacks of carelessness.
  17. Not quite got to the exact problem but it was something to do with SEO friendly ULR's / htaccess - thanks for the heads up on this bsmither - may also been something to do with host as I also started to get messages about maintenance. Who knows? Anyway turned of SEO, re-sent .htaccess file (from admin) and everything started working correctly.
  18. Adding items to basket and progressing to the basket is working pretty well. Hit the "view basket" button - OK so far. From here on it all gets pretty nasty. Hit any link that is not an add to basket button or the home button and you get either a 404 page or your basket emptied (as though you have started a new session?). Hit the home button and you sort of get there: http://www.charisma-art.co.uk/~charisma/index.php?PHPSESSID=38d49612c7...... Hit another button and it get closer to the non SSL address: http://www.charisma-art.co.uk/~charisma/collections.html Hit a third button and wahey! back at the proper non SSL addresss: http://www.charisma-art.co.uk/pictures.html Turn off SSL and everthing goes to the right place. Obviously having buttons which send people to a 404 page is completely unacceptable - any ideas?
  19. looks like, possibly, people are trying to log into your admin section? Since you have the wording INSERT INTO `cc5CubeCart_access_log in most of the errors. I hazzard a guess that the 2 different erros happen virtually at the same time - if you cant log in in won't be possible to have a user ID to receive a sesson ID. Still probably worth raising it as an issue with higher authorities though. Possible way to see if this is what it is, is to try and log in to admin with wrong credentials and see if this generates the same error logs
  20. Having said all that I do not think that this is a particularly elegant solution - I would prefer for the 'unwaned' level to be handled programtically rather than using a fudge like hiding it with css as this is quite literally in this case just a cover up.
  21. OK so the following worked: in box.navigation.php I added empty <ul><li></li></ul> code blocks to the static top level categories <div> <h3 class="hidden">{$LANG.navigation.title}</h3> <ul id="mymenu"> <li {if $SECTION_NAME == 'home'} class="current" {/if}><a href="{$STORE_URL}/index.php" title="{$LANG.navigation.homepage}"><b>{$LANG.navigation.homepage}</b></a> <ul><li></li></ul> </li> {$NAVIGATION_TREE} {if $CTRL_CERTIFICATES && !$CATALOGUE_MODE} <li><a href="{$URL.certificates}" title="{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}"><b>{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}</b></a> <ul><li></li></ul> </li> {/if} {if $CTRL_SALE} <li><a href="{$URL.saleitems}" title="{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}"><b>{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}</b></a> <ul><li></li></ul> </li> {/if} </ul> </div> In element.navigation_tree.php <li {if $BRANCH.url == $CURRENT_PAGE} class="current" {/if}><a href="{$BRANCH.url}" title="{$BRANCH.name}" ><b>{$BRANCH.name}</b></a> {if isset($BRANCH.children)}<ul>{$BRANCH.children}</ul>{/if} <ul class="empty"><li></li></ul> </li> the fact that if there are no children the second level is given the class empty doesn't seem to cause issues because in my menu css I've added (as pointed to by Viola): #mymenu ul ul.empty { display: none; } as the code for my top level <ul> has id=mymenu.
  22. Realised it wasn't failing, just not doing what I wanted it to do But you have pointed me at the answer - though the other way around: ul#categories>li>ul.empty{ display: none;} should mean that I get a menu where every top level has one level, and only one, visible sub level. Hearty thanks It's now far too early in the morning to try anything else- will have a go at it after some much needed rest - once agin thank you for your insight.
  23. Why is it not possible to use the $CRUMBS array used earlier {foreach from=$CRUMBS item=crumb} <li><a href="{$crumb.url}">{$crumb.title}</a></li> {/foreach} both url and title would give an exact match? I am obviously not understanding something, but realising if I don't ask .... :D
  24. Sorry - turned them off while I was working on other aspects of the site - will have a look at both suggestions further and let you know how I get on - thanks again
  25. 1.) No it's not doing exactly what I want. What I would like is: Dogs Birds Cats |.. <ul><li></li></ul> |.. Robin |.. <ul><li></li></ul> What I get is: Dogs Birds Cats |.. <ul><li></li></ul> |.. Robin |.. <ul><li></li></ul> |.. <ul><li></li></ul> Hope that makes sense - in other words isset($BRANCH.children) test fails when it iterates over the child items 2.) looks good - will try it in the morning and let you know how I get on. Thanks for your help
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