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  1. Everything you have said ive done... unsure where to turn know... We have the newest IonCube installed on the server...also checked that PHp Safe mode is off... The newer ones dont seem to have this anymore. Yer i started out with Cube cart over a year ago and wanted the Vector skin back then.... Everything up and running i decided to go vector...... Ian you want to have a look over it for me?
  2. Hi Guys, Ive payed and downloaded both the fusion and Vector skin from shopdev ive also payed for them to install it but never heard anything from them. Tickets have been submitted but no replys... looking on hear it looks quite a problem.... We have uploaded the Vector skin which does click on and work. Fusion 2.2 is the bigest issue... the cube cart is the newer version only updated a few days ago. its enabled and everything has been set in... When you click on Fusion config in the left hand menu you get a white screen... With just writing on no template.... Click on vector and it takes you to the list... no template... nothing works on this page but it changes in the address bar. Can anyone help or even better help me to install it!! Cash waiting! Many Thanks Jack Hull MPM
  3. Hi, Ive sorted the products not showing up by swaping the skin to something else and then back again... Very odd!!! I used fire bug last time to see what code i need to adjust. Can you buy more skins... never been really happy with the skin i had... Jack
  4. Ive updated to 5.2.16 today... I backed everything up and clicked the update... Then asked if i was sure. it then went to a blank screen and never come off the blank screen. The issues ive got im not displaying any products.... Ive rebuilt the site map and done a few things. Products are displaying in the back end. also the images a have come out of the places and moved down.... Jack oh ive updated from 5.1.4
  5. Yes the issue is the Break is making it turn that error. Would it be possible to select a dearest shipping method first? Jack
  6. i think this modification might be causing me some problems. Im getting this error message The following errors were detected: Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries. when you click checkout a few times it goes through and all is fine... Any Ideas?
  7. Hi Guys, When you pick anything from the store and go through check out... it asks for a shipping option... you select which one you want... you go onto the next page and fill everything in... your shipping option is selected and updated in the total so you click Checkout!!! it comes up with this error message The following errors were detected: Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries. doesnt matter what you put in the backet or even if you put collect it still comes up. Pricing and country are below .000:1.85,.100:2.50,.750:3.65,1.000:5.25,1.250:6.55,1.500:7.45,2.000:11.25, 4.000:14.25,100.000:30.00,150.000:40.00 GB, IE Know the anoying this is when you click checkout again it takes you through to complete the order. Anyone got any ideas at all? Jack
  8. Thankyou very much for your time and help!! This little mod has words a treat!!! Kind Regards Jack
  9. Thankyou Bsmither. At the moment i could do with just getting a "Please Select" as a default and if not selected a warning comes up at the top of the screen. Would you be able to advise how i could do this? Kind Regards Jack
  10. Yes i would of thought that as well but i cant see anything anywhere to make a default select in the drop down box!
  11. Hello, I have two postage options available to customers. Weight and Collection from store. The problem i have is collection from store is default so when people fly through the order process they dont get charged for postage because it says collection from store even which then makes postage free. How do i make it so 2nd class is default in the drop down box. Kind Regards Jack
  12. Hi Guys, Im wanting to get my shipping prices set up for the europe and i want to use royal mail to do this for the moment. I cant find any Pricing details for shipping into europe... There is that many costs and options im lost with it all.. Pricing for UK is just Weight Pricing for Europe is Country and weight that decides the price!!! Anyone done this and where did you get the information from? Jack
  13. Hello, I have a small issue with printing receipts! In Orders screen i go to the end of the row of the order and print the order. This takes me to a screen like a Print Preview. If you print it Prints 2 Pages. 1 with the actual receipt and the other page is blank with just the address of the location on the bottom. Its very anoying!!!! How can i get rid of the second blank page or print the same receipt out twice... one for the customer and one for our records? Thanks Jack
  14. ive no idea what the problem was... i wasnt told by Technical... They did apolises for the inconvience tho! Happy Bunny!
  15. Doesnt actually say anywhere what the technical opening hours are. Even when you get the ticket responce it say "Thank you for contacting us. This is an automated response confirming the receipt of your ticket. One of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible. For your records, the details of the ticket are listed below. When replying, please make sure that the ticket ID is kept in the subject line to ensure that your replies are tracked appropriately". When you spend £150 and the whole thing goes off you do get very impatient!!!!!!!! Problem is know solved!
  16. i wounder if technical look at the tickets... im still waiting!!! not very good if i have the shop open and im loosing money!
  17. front end come up with updates install in green boxes... i refreshed and they went... tryed to log back into /admin.php and there is nothing there.. try it www.millpondmodels.co.uk/admin.php doesnt come up with anything
  18. Ive just this min bought the licence key and brand Removal.... Entered the info and pressed save. Know i cant even getinto admin...just get a 500 error..:s Is this normal.
  19. Blimey: I'll have a look at this today see if i can get it to work!!! its no wounder i didnt get it!!!LOL
  20. Hi Guys, My Cart is very slowly getting there. All products have had there weights added. I've come to get the pricing sorted but i cant even work out how it works!!!! ive read a few things on here but cant work it out. Can someone advise me how this works? Jack
  21. Hi Bsmither, Ive done this and it works a treat... Had a look around and the only thing i can see. Which i dont think is an issue. As your navigating the website it shows the whole webaddress including the server addy. Have a look http://www.millpondmodels.co.uk Thankyou very much for your help!! Jack
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