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  1. Hello, I am under cubecart 6.2.0 and I have just seen a problem on my site.
    When I do forget password in order to reset my password. nothing happens, I have a blank page that appears and I do not even receive the mail.


    What does it take to have a track for repair?

  2. here today the captcha is toggle off to see capture



    While normally it is set to invisible

    and suddenly I end up with messages in Russian on my guestbook


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  3. Hello, for the moment he has not returned to off. I have the keys 'site key' and 'secret key'. I wait to see if I have ink Russian spam that arrives.

    in fact I have users who write in Russian on my guestbook and gives links, their ip addresses indicates Russia.

    I put their ip address in security suite tab ip address banned and I wait to see if it's back.
    Thank you for your help

    I do not yet change the code you specify .. I wait

  4. hello, sorry if I'm not in the right section, but I can not write in the plugin discussion section

    about the plugin store collection, here is an improvement that would be interesting to add. when the customer decides to make an on-site pick-up, a schedule should be proposed so that the picker chooses a date on which he will pick up his goods

    Thank you

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  5. On 5/4/2018 at 6:46 PM, bsmither said:

    There is this, but may not give you the shipping list:

    Hello, I already had this plugin it is used for the customer to choose the gift of his package only.


    On 5/4/2018 at 6:46 PM, bsmither said:

    There is this, which gives you various printouts (among other features):

    this one does not have to match

    On 5/4/2018 at 6:46 PM, bsmither said:

    You might give this idea a try:
    * Assign an option to the product for "Deliver as a Gift"

    * Test for this option in the Invoice template
    * Edit the template such that, if found, print a second page that serves as the gift shipping list


    Creating an option for each product seems to me to be laborious

    whereas if just a choice to attach the invoice to the package (yes / no) seems simpler to achieve.



    23 hours ago, Dirty Butter said:

    This might help you:


    This sounds interesting to your approach. unfortunately for me I am a quiche in programming. I just do copy code paste already done ..

  6. Hello, is it possible to add in a future version of cubecart the possibility to the customer who chose to deliver the package to a different address. choose not to attach the invoice in the package.

    because I print the invoice automatically and I attach it to the parcel but if the customer wants to give a gift to someone, it does not necessarily want the person to know the price of the gift. so there should be an option that when the link clicks send to another address, there is the mandatory choice, want to attach the invoice with the package.

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