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  1. Yes there was an error going into it but I didn't watch I erased and returned the old file. Is there a way to get the log? Mistakes without redoing the manipulation?
  2. Hello, I just tested on my store with: fr_FR.UTF-8 And after clearing the cache no change. After leaving the administrator, I wanted to come back and I got a blank page. I had to put the original file back. I am in Cubecart 6.4.3
  3. Salut, je me permet de te répondre en français, pour te faire voir qu'il y a des français qui utilise CubeCart. Perso, je l'utilise depuis la version 3.11 et ce que j'aime c'est la facilité même pour un débutant de pouvoir faire facilement des petites modification esthétique. et la possibilité d'avoir des plugin multilangue mais je crois que pas tout le monde en fait. Et surtout l'aide sur ce forum que fourni dieux (bsmither) après si tu fais des plugins en français, je veux bien te donner des idées Hi, I allow myself to answer you in French, to show you that there are French people who use CubeCart. Personally, I use it since version 3.11 and what I like is the ease even for a beginner to be able to easily make small aesthetic changes. and the possibility of having multilanguage plugins but I think not everyone does. And especially the help on this forum that provided gods (bsmither) after if you make plugins in French, I want to give you some ideas
  4. Hello, I need a little special functionality for my store. I currently only sell products on my store that I can ship. But I also have products that I cannot ship because of their fragility, heavy weight, or bulk. For the moment to present his articles which are only sold on site, I have to put the article on unavailability because the online customer tends to click on buy on the short definitions page And therefore cannot necessarily see the complete description which indicates that the product is available but only on site in the store. And so he may also have thought that the product is not available for purchase. For me I would need a following function: I can hide the buy button when I add a product in cubecart. Depending on the item sold. Do you have any idea how to do this ?. I thank you in advance
  5. Hello, in the administrator in the error log tab I have the following error: [<strong>Deprecated</strong>] /XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXX/admin_xDG7xw/sources/dashboard.index.inc.php:293 - implode() [<a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.implode.php'>function.implode.php</a>]: Passing glue string after array is deprecated. Swap the parameters The code in the file indicated on line 293 is $customers_in = implode(array_keys($customer_ids), ','); So what is the problem and how do you fix it?
  6. We do not know each other. But with the covid hitting the planet all people have to be ll to unite. So to all men and women, of all colors and all origins, I wish you a very happy Christmas with your family and friends, but above all, continue to remain cautious. I love you all. Merry Christmas. And take care of yourself and your loved ones, be careful
  7. Thanks Nitfox. I offer you a beer for sharing .. thank you again ..
  8. Interesting, but I do not see where to put your code .. you should know that I am very new in this manipulation, I use the foundation skin
  9. I confirm this should be interesting, and could be an option in cubecart. Hopefully someone good looking posts a hack.
  10. Hello, I am translating into French all the sentences that are not translated. What is the file to recover then to send it to you And upgraded to version 1.0.3
  11. hello, I haven't heard from him for more than 2 years. I had ordered a plugin worth € 240 the last time I heard the plugin was finished. But it never was delivered. For 2 years without news, I ended up giving up hope of getting this plugin or seeing my money back. And I'm afraid I'm stuck in 6.2.9 if the current plugins don't work on 6.4.0
  12. hello, anyone to test? Because it doesn't seem to work for me or the process seems very long
  13. the same thing it does not appear anywhere on the site
  14. Hello, I updated my signature for the forum but it does not appear. there is always the old? how to do? I just found, there is a difference in the profile and the signature. thank you
  15. hello, I am interested in this skin but do you have a site where I could see the difference with a standard foundation?
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