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  1. bonjour, ha les français son rare.. tu as aussi beaucoup de plugin en anglais mais que tu peut traduire facilement grâce à la section langue.
  2. hello, I have a merchant site too. But the message with this plugin does not appear.
  3. Hello, I also have a message site. But I can't make it work can you help me Nelly?
  4. Hello again, it does not work .. I still do not have the payment method used displayed in the email I receive when ordering from a customer.
  5. Hello, everyone, I'm French and lock me up for confinement against the coronavirus. I just put a little note here to say good luck to all of you and take care of yourself. Even if this is not the place for such a message, a little moral support for everyone cannot do any harm. So be careful. And see you very soon ..
  6. For the moment I have only had payment by PayPal, I use PayPal commerce. I put {$ DATA.gateway} in the administrator's email to get this information, but nothing is displayed In my email template I put this. Maybe it’s not good? <p>Le moyen de paiement est :&nbsp;{$DATA.gateway}.</p> You’ve changed with that, I’ll wait for an order to see if it works <td><strong>Moyen de paiement </strong></td> <td><strong>{$DATA.gateway}</strong></td>
  7. Hello, I use PayPal and check payment. When I receive the order email I would like to see how the customer pays. Because if he pays by PayPal I can print the invoice immediately to prepare it whereas if he pays by check I have time to do it before receiving the check.
  8. Hello, in the email that administrator receives I put the function {$ DATA.gateway} in order to know which payment method was used by the customer before preparing his order. Only in the email I receive the line remains empty : The means of payment used is:. How to solve this problem? Because it’s very useful for me
  9. Hello, in the administrator part in the order part, when I send the order to the customer, I indicate the date of shipment, for example if a customer places an order today (02/25/2020) I validate it , and finish the preparation on 02/26/2020 but I ship it on 02/28/2020) can you tell me how in my email model when the order is shipped I can tell the customer the shipping date ? oupps I think I found it? Can the following function be used? Does it match what I'm looking for? {$DATA.ship_date}
  10. hello, is there a long change between versions? what does it change between 1.2.6 and 1.2.7
  11. Already 2020 still no news despite sending numerous emails Regularly
  12. Hello, I am looking for a plugin for my shop which allowed me to choose how the customer can pay for his order. For example on my site I have 2 means of payment: 1 by check 2 by bank card. Currently all customers can pay evening by check or by credit card I would like that in the administrator part for a client X there are 3 choices; 1 all payment authorized by default, 2 payment only by check, 3 payments only by bank card. When a good customer arrives, he can pay either by check or by bank card. Its 2 modes are displayed in the choice of payment for the order. When I am dealing with a bad customer who opposes the bank card I can force him to pay only by check and only check payment appears in the means of payment when ordering And when a customer writes unpaid checks, I can only oblige him to pay by credit card. Of course, this option does not appear in the client's account. But only on the administrator side.
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