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  1. So on my side I have done business with him in the past and always a very good job. Unfortunately since September 2018 I haven't heard from you after paying $ 240 for a plugin. On February 27, 2020 I had an email telling me that my plugin was finished .. and today June 26, 2020 the plugin is still not delivered. And like you no response to emails .. I’m waiting but I’m no longer under any illusions.
  2. Interesting plugin .. but option # 4 is a risk for little jokers who will place full orders and never come. For option 3, I think the client should choose. An estimated time / date on which the customer would like to come and collect their order. To be seen during the opening hours of the physical store and on opening days and with at least 24 hours of delay after placing the order.
  3. hello, Is it possible to change the image of a product when choosing an option? thank you.
  4. hello, is there a chance it will be implemented?
  5. Good evening, is there a plugin to do this?
  6. hello, i am selling an object for which there are several options and i use in the option groups the choice ‘list of radio buttons’ which I have been very happy with until now. Only now I have a product that has several possible choices and therefore how to make that we choose several options for the same article. Example: product A has the option small b, small c, small d. But the client can choose either option b or c or d but also b and c or b and d currently the button list option only allows you to make 1 choice in the options. But how to be able to with multiple choices
  7. Hello, I had a similar problem, transactions made with a mobile device did not work I saw this problem solved directly with PayPal, I had to authorize payment on a mobile device
  8. Hello, I just tested and strange thing the email I receive is empty. I just have ‘this email is sent by: client name’ The Contact Us form was submitted from: %s It's good it works but I changed this line by: %s <%s> wrote to%s: ---------------%s --------------- This email is sent by the main e-mail addresses of the shops but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the reply button on your e-mail software. ip address:%s
  9. hello, have you thought of emptying the cache?
  10. Hello, when we create a new product, in the price tab we can make a price for a certain quantity For example the price of a product A is 10 € the price for an amount of 10 is 5 € Is it possible to display a message when the customer buys for example a quantity of 8 which would say to him to go still 2 more and you can have a better price? Or is that not possible when making a plugin?
  11. Order Status Behaviour Comportement du statut de la commande Update order status to "Processing" on Mettre à jour l'état de la commande en "Traitement" au Payment authorization Autorisation de paiement payment capture Paiement direct
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