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  1. fabriceunko

    (resolved) I can discover a bug

    very big thank you
  2. I use cubecart since version 3 and today version 6.2.2. and this is the first time this has happened. a customer to buy several products (5) see the 2nd article on the order form (administrator side) when I click on the printer icon, I have the invoice that appears to be printed to attach to the package. and the description of the 2nd article is different (to see the photo) knowing that I have never touched anything to the presentation of the invoice. if you have a small track?
  3. fabriceunko

    featured products cleared but still the

    I put my file content.checkout.php because I can not find what's wrong.
  4. Hello, I still have a problem. I just deleted {includefile='templates/box.featured.php'} of the file main.php so on my homepage I do not have the box anymore. everything is fine. but when I go to my basket. it has reappeared and found at the bottom of the page? .. I specify that I have clear the cache.
  5. fabriceunko

    (solved) move recaptcha

    I found, it's in the config.xml file
  6. fabriceunko

    (solved) move recaptcha

    hello I would like to move recaptach, because on my shop it appears at the bottom right and hides the button back (see photo) I would like to move it to the left of the shop.
  7. Yes thank you very much for coming to understand. it works well now .. thank you very much for your patience ..
  8. yes I change the sentences in common but the sentence is identical to all my products, while in the adminitration in add a product I changed the state (renovated, worn,) terracotta and plaster but this change you do not appear in the shop
  9. I mean, the state of the product (see black arrow photo) does not appear in the shop
  10. hello, I change the language in the common file and its good to change in the store cons in the product addition there is the selector state or there is 3 possibility (see photo 1 of the first message) this n do not appear in the shop?
  11. hello I edit a translation so that it corresponds better to my product. I saved and erase the cache, but nothing changes on the store. see the pictures. I changed new terracotta, I changed renovated plaster, I saved and emptied the cache. but on the site I always have New instead of terracotta.
  12. fabriceunko

    Add an animation to the bare menu?

    hello I just checked and the thread is well installed on my skin
  13. fabriceunko

    Add an animation to the bare menu?

    thank you I would look at it tonight because I have to go to work. Thanks see you soon
  14. fabriceunko

    Add an animation to the bare menu?

    I did that but it does not change the result
  15. fabriceunko

    Add an animation to the bare menu?

    the second code does not work I have a fixed line, below the link of the shop the link