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  1. fabriceunko

    use of stock and options

    yes that's the question I ask myself except that it does not work. if in the general stock (photo 2) I put 10 in stock, the 2 products are select and can be bought by the customer (no message in red) if I put 0 as in the picture 2 no product displays, and I have the message no product found.
  2. fabriceunko

    use of stock and options

    hello, did you see?
  3. fabriceunko

    use of stock and options

    ok thank you, I'm going to work I'll see tonight.
  4. fabriceunko

    use of stock and options

    he is not checked is checked with 0 in stock he is checked with 10 in stock for product 1 with 0 in stock for product 2 no i said that with this choice of option he can buy the 2 items or none, I can not settle for there is only 1 article available with the current setting no product is available and if in general product I put 10, the 2 items are available (
  5. fabriceunko

    use of stock and options

    Hello in my store I use A product that is sold in two versions. version 1 of product A is available 10 times. version 2 of product A is no longer available. How settled the stock? In general I have for 'stock level' 10 and in option / options Matrice I have: Article 1 level of the stock 10 Article 2 stock level 0 but in this case the customer can buy the 2 items. whereas I would like only Article 1 to be available. Thanks for your help
  6. fabriceunko

    to log in as

    hello, as an administrator I can not log in as with a customer account to check what the customer tells me for checking a problem. I am obliged to ask him are password. I use the latest version of cube cart.
  7. fabriceunko

    latest products

    I just sent you thanks
  8. fabriceunko

    latest products

    hello I made the change and I ended up with that while I would like to have like that so I put back my original file erase the cache but nothing changes I remain in the case of the first image
  9. fabriceunko

    latest products

    On my home page I have the latest products that appears but it offers the addition to the cart and I would change it by info so that the customer can read the product information before purchase. how can I do it?
  10. fabriceunko

    weight estimation on the cash register

    thank you very much
  11. Hello, how to translate this text or deleted this option? because I can not find
  12. hello I also have this error? thank you for your answer so I will wait for the next version File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [1932] "SELECT I.* FROM CubeCart_inventory AS I LEFT JOIN (SELECT product_id, MAX(price) as price, MAX(sale_price) as sale_price FROM CubeCart_pricing_group WHERE group_id = 0 GROUP BY product_id) as G ON G.product_id = I.product_id WHERE I.product_id IN (SELECT product_id FROM `CubeCart_category_index` as CI INNER JOIN CubeCart_category as C where CI.cat_id = C.cat_id AND C.status = 1) AND I.status = 1 AND " - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
  13. since the update 6.2.2 in the error log I have the following message File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [1930] " " - Query was empty what to do?
  14. fabriceunko

    Add a new entry when registering on the site

    thank you I'll see all this against I'm in cubecart 622
  15. fabriceunko

    Add a new entry when registering on the site

    yes currently I use the title field as it is in the basic form