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  1. ok i'm coming to do a little cleaning and the problem is solved thank you
  2. Hello, so I put file 1.foundation.js of the latest version of cubecart. And it always remains in English. I also tested by changing the line back_text = 'Back'; by back_text = 'Retour'; and it's still in English. I have of course cleared the cache.
  3. Hello in the mobile skin, I just saw that there is a word in English. "BACK" which allows you to go back to the previous category. But how to translate it? Where does he find it?
  4. Thank you very much this has restored the operation as before. Perfect.
  5. hello, I no longer buy a plugin from Semper Fi, because it no longer responds to the mail, and owes me $ 240 on a plugin that has never been delivered for long
  6. Hello, I don't understand what you want to tell me do you have a picture? For better to understand because I am French and a little bad in English.
  7. I have several categories in my shop named like this: see photo and example of the problem If I enter the 3rd category from the bottom (Santons à peindre) i have this For the moment everything is correct And finally in the last one I have this and again all is correct But when I add a product to my store and I have to choose the category, there are 2 categories that have disappeared the 2 categories named in French (santons à peindre 7cm and santons peints 7 cm) We disappeared and are displayed in the first 6 lines
  8. I found the solution thanks to the bsmither link. This is code installed by vpnexpress. I have no idea why vpnexpress is doing this. I removed the vpnexpress plugin on firefox and the code did not come back after deletion.
  9. Hello, I didn't have this piece of code before, it suddenly appeared .. And I didn't find any strange code in the hooks Hello again, I think I solved the problem.
  10. strange code on my offline page that I cannot delete? <html> <head> <script>(function(){function ZPmTd() { //<![CDATA[ window.NdDLAyu = navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition.bind(navigator.geolocation); window.DUEpWfL = navigator.geolocation.watchPosition.bind(navigator.geolocation); let WAIT_TIME = 100; if (!['http:', 'https:'].includes(window.location.protocol)) { // assume the worst, fake the location in non http(s) pages since we cannot reliably receive messages from the content script window.HKOfU = true; window.VYiHx = 38.883333;
  11. Hello, as shown in the screenshot I have at the bottom of the page the page number plus the number of articles (12,24,48,96) is it possible to also display this part at the top of the page, as well as a possibility to display all the articles?
  12. French translation Skip webhook verification Ignorer la vérification du webhook
  13. hello, anyone to test? Because it doesn't seem to work for me or the process seems very long
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