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  1. fabriceunko

    Add a new entry when registering on the site

    thank you I'll see all this against I'm in cubecart 622
  2. fabriceunko

    Add a new entry when registering on the site

    yes currently I use the title field as it is in the basic form
  3. fabriceunko

    Add a new entry when registering on the site

    hello, thank you for the link but I can not contact cubehelper because on his site the captcha does not work because it uses version 1 and this one says it's shutdown
  4. How to Add a new entry when registering on the site. I would like my customers when they register on my site must indicate their date of birth (mandatory)
  5. fabriceunko

    image add to an option

    I install version 2.1 for php 5.6 but cubecart tells me to update? but where is she?. more the plugin tells me that the license demo has expired. while I installed it yesterday. what do I have to do? is there something missing?
  6. fabriceunko

    image add to an option

    Hello, I install your extension, but I do not understand how the used. I do not know where the option is, yet to install.
  7. fabriceunko

    image add to an option

    hello, is it possible to add an image to an option. for example I sell an object with an option. and I would like to put a single image and when the customer chooses the option this one changes automatically by the image of the option. instead of having to put several images in the carousel
  8. fabriceunko

    update jQuery JavaScript

    thank you, I did a little research and I found but as I do not understand to update, I do not touch anything. not want to all broken
  9. fabriceunko

    update jQuery JavaScript

    where to download the new version?
  10. Hello, I updated my signature for the forum but it does not appear. there is always the old? how to do? I just found, there is a difference in the profile and the signature. thank you
  11. fabriceunko

    Custom Foundation 5 Skin on 6.2.1

    hello, I am interested in this skin but do you have a site where I could see the difference with a standard foundation?
  12. fabriceunko

    ( resolved) Forgotten password white page

    hello, actually there was an error message, which referred to my email template. my fault I did not think to go see. I corrected my model and it returned to normal. thank you for being our thought to us small user without much knowledge.
  13. Hello, I am under cubecart 6.2.0 and I have just seen a problem on my site. When I do forget password in order to reset my password. nothing happens, I have a blank page that appears and I do not even receive the mail. What does it take to have a track for repair?
  14. fabriceunko

    Custom Foundation 5 Skin

    Hello, will you have the address of the site to see the result? I use a lot of semperfi plugin. but I hesitate with that one. thank you