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  1. All sorted now, the issue was for some reason I didn't have a "PUBLIC" folder in the file folder, once I created the public folder I was able to create a subfolder. Thanks once again for your detailed explanation to the issue. Cheers. Oh one more question, is there a way of uploading sample MP3 files that visitors to the site could listen to?
  2. I am back! I tried to create a new folder as suggested but it won't let me, comes up with error saying "failed to create folder" file upload failed.
  3. Great now I get it. Thanks very much for your detailed explanation. Kind Regards Peter
  4. Thank you for your reply bsmither, But I am still a little confused, When I go to downloads I see only a folder called "PUBLIC" can't see any sub folder. Do I upload digital files into the "Folder called public" or leave them outside the "Public Folder" (in the file folder) or create a sub Folder inside the "Public Folder" Please advise, Thanks very much.
  5. I want to upload some files for digital downloads but I am not sure exactly where to upload the files to. as I see this message Files uploaded to the files/public folder can be accessed directly via a browser. All others are protected with intent to be sold as digital products. Do I need to create another folder in the public folder or ??? Thanks
  6. Thank you very much, Just wondering if I upgrade to CC626 it should be ok or do I still have to make the edit?
  7. I am using the Foundation Skin. The download link gets emailed to the customer, and they can download it, but doesn't show in their account.
  8. Hello All, Why aren't the digital downloads not showing up in the customers account page under digital downloads. it says no longer available but was never there in the first instance. see below. Digital Downloads File Name Expiry Date Downloads This download is no longer available. where do I go to enable this feature or edit a file? Regards
  9. Thank you bsmither, I checked the email error log, all the records are there and there was the answer too. I had the smtp authentication set to no. set it to on and everything is as it should be, Thank you for pointing me in the right direction,Much obliged
  10. Hello All, I have got an issue with "confirmation emails with digital download links" not being sent to customers, it was all working but now all of a sudden it's not working anymore, I am using CC 6.2. Not really sure how many days ago it stopped, but I haven't done anything differently. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards
  11. I am using CC6.2 and I get this message in Store Settings, In Both KUROUTA and MICAN SKINS but not in Foundation. I would like to keep using the KUROUTO SKIN is there a way of using invisible re captcha with it? Warning: It doesn't look like your current skin is compatible with Invisible reCAPTCHA.
  12. Thanks I followed havenswift's advice and changed from php mail() to smtp with SSL on port 465 and it seems to be working ok with gmail, but haven't had any feed back from any other. Thank you to bsmither and Havenswift for your input, without your help I would be lost.
  13. I have been notified that emails from my store end up in junk or spam folders, mainly from gmail accounts. Is there anything I can do in the store settings or c panel settings to rectify this? Any help and advice will be much appreciated.
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